Take your product expertise to the next level.

Utilise our wide range of construction product knowledge qualifications to help you or your staff gain the expertise to give your customers exceptional customer service.

Construction and Electrical Product Knowledge

Our accredited City and Guilds qualifications are ideal if you want to become a construction or electrical products specialist. MOL offers you the flexibility and opportunity to build the contents of your qualifications depending upon your own learning needs specific to your area of the construction and electrical industry. The range of qualifications available are ideal if you wish to gain industry specific product knowledge which will enable you to constantly improve the levels of service that you offer to your customers.

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City & Guilds Approved Centre

MOL’s Specialist Product Knowledge programme is accredited by City and Guilds. We won a National Training Award for the programme.

The course has helped me gain a position as health and safety environmental site co-ordinator.

John Shaw, Construction Industry Product Knowledge

Our Tutors

Michael O'Sullivan

Specialist Product Knowledge Manager and Tutor
Michael’s role is to provide specialist product knowledge and assessment services to learners on our City & Guilds construction programme. He also offers advice on how to successfully approach the course and is on hand to support learners. He is an enthusiastic advocate of high quality vocational education, and believes it delivers valuable skills and provides routes into higher education.

News & Knowledge

Michael O'Sullivan
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MOL at the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) HR Forum

What: Builders’ Merchants’ Federation (BMF) HR Forum. ...
Expert Knowledge
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MOL at the EDA Awards 2015

The Shard was the location for the inaugural EDA Learner Awards Lunch, a glittering event to celebrate the hard work of individual learners who...

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