CIPR Advanced Certificate in Public Relations

The CIPR Advanced Certificate in Public Relations is an ideal next step to drive a PR career from a junior to a more senior level. Building on the practical experience you may have already gained, this course will improve your understanding of the discipline by uncovering the theory and tactics of PR and media relations. It will also cover management skills, and the role of PR within an organisation, to help develop consultancy skills and add value to a business.

The course will be delivered using examples of PR stories and events in the press and real business scenarios, to bring the course to life and ensure that your knowledge will be directly applicable to common challenges in the profession.

This course is suitable for you if:

  • You are currently at executive/officer level with some years’ experience, and you are looking to step up to a managerial level
  • You are a recent graduate with a degree in another area and want to start a career in PR
  • You have recently stepped up to a managerial role and are looking to underpin your new responsibilities with professional learning

If you are unsure about what level course you would be best suited to, speak with our programme advisors on 0345 203 2103. They can discuss your previous experience and current situation to direct you to the best course for you.

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Course Details

This course is designed for PR professionals who are looking to step up from an executive/officer role to management role, if you have very recently taken on a management role, or if you are coming into PR from another industry.

The entry requirements for this course are any of the below:

  • Minimum of 2+ year experience in PR-related role
  • Successfully completed the CIPR Foundation Award
  • Bachelor’s degree in another subject area.

If you are unsure, please speak with one of our Programme Sales Consultants on 0345 203 2103.


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Please contact our programme enquiries team for our next start dates, & to find out how to enrol for this course.

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