CIPD Level 7 brings international career progression for Takhmina

Takhmina Shamsudinzoda

Human Resources Officer Takhmina Shamsudinzoda already had seven years of HR experience in her home country of Tajikistan but was looking for a formal qualification in HR management.  

It was while working for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) - Mission in Kosovo that she was recommended the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma with MOL as part of her learning and development - and she jumped at the chance.

She said: “Studying CIPD L7 helped me a lot to understand the depth and width of the HR field and apply it effectively in my day-to-day responsibilities. It also widened my perspective in understanding my HR role at a strategic level.

Having worked in a more managerial role for the past year and a half and having applied this knowledge in my work, my qualification has opened the doors for a higher role in an international level position.

Takhmina graduated in January 2022 and has heaped praise on the support she received from MOL during her two years studying.

She said: “What I enjoyed most about the CIPD L7 was the continuous support from tutors, the availability of study resources throughout the course, the MOL study platform and access to CIPD resources.

“I received full support for both the technical side of the course, such as access to MOL platform, and from my tutors and the MOL support group. They always were very kind to reply to my emails or any other technical question.”

Takhmina admits that dedication is needed to pass the exams and assignments but said her qualification will enable her to gain other international positions. 

She said: “I had to organize myself in a way that studying would not create a barrier to my personal and professional life. I would recommend taking studying seriously and committing enough time to your course as it requires dedication to pass the examinations and assignments.

The most important benefit I’ve gained from completing my CIPD L7 is having a formal HR qualification that is equivalent to a master’s level.

I’ve gained deep knowledge on HR trends, best practice and how to use them in my work. 

“Having my CIPD L7 certificate will be an asset to getting other international positions.”

If you’re like Takhmina and would like to progress in your HR career, click here for more about our CIPD courses.