Climate Management

Increase your knowledge of the products you sell.

There are three Climate Management workbooks available:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Industrial Building Controls
  • Refrigeration

Improve your knowledge to provide the relevant information on products and related methods. 

Your customers will range from those who know exactly what they want to buy, to those who expect you to be able to offer relevant information directly related to their needs. 

The greater your own personal understanding the more efficiently you will be able to provide the information required by the customer in order to purchase the appropriate product and understand the procedures and considerations related to the use of the products available.

For further information, see course details below.

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Course details

You will be provided with a hardcopy workbook, which contains the information, questions and project you need to complete to successfully achieve a certificate.

By working through the workbook and answering the questions you will build on your knowledge and understanding of the workbook products. Finally, you will pull all your understanding together and complete a work based project. 

Each workbook requires roughly 40hrs of effort but we recognise that most learners will also be balancing a day job and a home life. With this in mind we provide 90 days to complete the workbook. 

  • Increase your selling potential
  • Improve your career prospects


  • Improving your product knowledge
  • Enhancing your customer contact skills
  • Enhancing your awareness of customer needs

which could:

  • Improve your confidence and develop your communication skills

If you successfully complete a full programme you will also receive a customised qualification.

Are you a building, electrical or heating and plumbing retail store, merchants or wholesalers owner /employer and want to:

  • Increase your competitive edge (compete with online)
  • Increase your reputation and customer retention


  • Investing in your staff
  • Improving your staff's product and customer care knowledge and skills
  • Potentially improving staff retention through improved performance and job satisfaction

For each workbook you successfully pass you will receive a certificate for that topic

  • Enrol and successfully pass two workbooks from the Building Foundation range and you will be awarded with a Foundation Award.
  • Enrol and successfully pass two workbooks from the Workplace Induction, Electrical, Building and Timber, Heating and Plumbing or Climate Management range and you will be awarded with an Award.
  • Enrol and successfully pass five workbooks from the Workplace Induction, Electrical, Building and Timber, Heating and Plumbing or Climate Management range and you will be awarded with a Certificate.
  • Enrol and successfully pass ten workbooks from the Workplace Induction, Electrical, Building and Timber, Heating and Plumbing or Climate Management range and you will be awarded with a Diploma.

Air Conditioning    

This workbook will consider all aspects of air conditioning, from an overview of the basic theory behind the provision and production of air conditioning to a detailed examination of the refrigeration cycle and main components of the system. Refrigerants are also examined with relation to both usage and the environmental considerations linked to this area.

A variety of individual components, controls and complete systems are examined in detail as well as accessories and tools appropriate to air conditioning.

Industrial Building Controls     

Some customers will be replacing old equipment and may ask for the same unit. However, due to the development in control technology, this could well have been superseded and you need to be able to provide the customer with information about possible suitable alternatives. Other customers will be installing a new system and may ask for a particular manufacturer’s equipment. In this instance the type of control unit may be asked for directly but you would be expected to recommend the ancillary items. We will therefore be looking at questions such as:

  • what type of sensor do I need? 
  • what mode of control will best suit my purpose? 
  • which controller do I need? 
  • what type of valve do I need? 


This workbook is designed to develop your overall knowledge and appreciation of refrigeration systems and components. The vast majority of your customers will be experienced refrigeration engineers, so will know exactly what they want and ask for specific goods by name. You may, however, encounter some customers who will require you to provide them with assistance and information. In either case it is to your advantage that you have an extensive product knowledge in order to support your customer requests. 

If you or your company are a member of either the Electrical Distributors Association (EDA) or the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) you can purchase either individual workbooks for £150 each or save money by purchasing multiple workbooks together. 
For details of our ‘bulk buy’ options or non-member prices please get in touch on 0345 203 2103 or email

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