Proud to be exhibiting at this year’s Learning and Development Show

11th - 12th of May at the Olympia Conference Centre in London

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Accredited CIPD qualifications

Study from Foundation level through to Intermediate and onto Advanced level. You can also take your studies to the ultimate level with our Master’s Degree and become an accredited member of the CIPD.

MOL Graduation Ceremony 2015

Watch MOL illustrious graduation ceremony where we recognised the achievements of our CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma and MA in Strategic Human Resources Management & Development graduates.

CIPD Courses and HR Qualifications

Since 1991, we have been developing CIPD qualifications to meet the needs of today’s time-pressured Human Resources (HR) and Learning & Development (L&D) practitioners. We offer a range of CIPD accredited Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced HR qualifications that provide you with the essential skills and knowledge to pursue a successful career in HR and L&D.

Our unique approach to teaching combines the best of distance learning through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), tutor-led workshops and expert tutor support.

We offer multiple start dates each year at locations around the UK. Our HR and CIPD courses are designed to fit into your busy life and work schedule, giving you the flexibility to study on the go.

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CIPD Training Provider

Our CIPD courses are approved by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the professional association for HR and L&D professionals. Obtaining an industry recognised CIPD qualification with MOL will enable you to progress your career in HR and L&D. We deliver our professional HR qualifications to individuals and organisations at our approved CIPD training centres across the UK.

I’ve found the MOL programme extremely beneficial to both myself and my organisation. It's ensured that my foundation level skills are solid.

Hollie Mann CIPD Level 3

Our Tutors

Rachel Burnham

Associate Tutor
Rachel is a tutor for the Certificate in Learning & Development Practice and has been working on this programme (and its predecessor) for MOL for around 13 years. She is also part of the team that designed and wrote the course.

News & Knowledge

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Zero Hour Contracts - A Greater Understanding of the Nature of Agency Work

What we have seen in recent years is the issue of zero hour contracts dominating political discourse and media headlines. There have been...
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Proud to be exhibiting at this year’s Learning and Development Show

The annual CIPD Learning & Development Show is one of the largest gatherings of L&D professionals in the country. This year, the show will...

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