The 6 Best Wellbeing Resources for HR Professionals

Mon 05 Jul 2021

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According to a recent study, HR professionals in the UK have been left more stressed by the COVID-19 pandemic than those in other parts of the world with 69% finding it difficult to switch off from work and make time for rest.

In a highly people-focused role, it’s easy to put the needs of others before yourself. But the long-term effects of this approach can be burnout, severe stress and other mental health conditions.

Here are some great wellbeing resources for stressed HR professionals who are struggling to switch off.

Mental Health Spot Check from Clear Review

Clear Review have put together a whole pack of wellbeing resources for management and HR departments to use to look after employee wellbeing. One of the resources that HR professionals may be particularly interested in is the Mental Health Spot Check – a simple-to-use sheet that helps you monitor your wellbeing by rating it out of 10. By keeping an eye on when your rating drops and rises, you can build a clear picture of what helps, or hinders, your wellbeing.

Your Mind Plan

One You have developed Your Mind Plan, a free tool which provides a personalised list of recommendations to improve your mental wellbeing and mood based on how you feel. IIf you don’t like one of the recommendations, you can simply swap it for another. This is ideal for time-stretched HR professionals since the tool quick to use so you don’t need to set aside a big part of your day to put together a wellbeing action plan.

Insight Timer

Meditation and mindfulness exercises can be great for reducing stress levels and improving overall mental wellbeing. While there are numerous meditation apps out there, we’re highlighting Insight Timer due their wide range of exercises available to free users.

In particular, one of the features that HR professionals might like is the reminders that the app sends you. These notifications remain on your phone screen until you interact with the app – perfect for busy people who tend to get pulled away from their carefully planned schedule!

Wellbeing Apps

Wellbeing apps are a great way for you to look after your mental wellbeing 24/7 no matter where you are. These can help you develop skills to look after your wellbeing, provide a distraction when you can’t switch off or give you an outlet when feeling overwhelmed.

Unmind is a widely-used platform that enables organisations to monitor (and improve) wellbeing across the whole company – but it also has great tools for the employees using it.

Flourishzone, while less widely-known, uses AI to provide hyper personalised lessons to help people develop wellbeing skills as well as workplace performance skills which in themselves can improve mood and wellbeing through a sense of achievement.


While Calendly isn’t specifically a wellbeing resource, it is a really useful tool to help you block out specific time in your day for meetings rather than leaving your diary open. This stops your time being constantly taken up meeting requests that get in the way of the other important work each day. If some of your stress comes from the amount of meetings you have to fit into your week, Calendly can take a lot of that stress away.

Stand Up!

Often, the struggle to switch off from work comes from not being used to taking breaks – after all, how can you be good at something you’ve never practiced?

Stand Up! is a great app to remind you to take breaks throughout the day. This in turn gives your mind a chance to regroup and process information during the day rather than having to do it all when you’re trying to switch off in the evening.

This app is free and can be customised to  make it work around your schedule and commitments.

The old adage “you can’t look after anyone else if you’re not looking after yourself” is truer than ever. While your role in HR is important for the wellbeing of other employees in your organisation, you need to prioritise your own wellbeing too.

If you’re studying on one of our HR courses and are struggling with your wellbeing, get in touch with our Qualifications Advisors on 03452 032 103 for support and guidance.

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