The Role of AI in Shaping Digital Learning Design

Thu 31 Aug 2023

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly significant in various industries in current times.

Research shows that the AI industry market size is expected to reach a whopping 2 trillion dollars by 2030 and is expected to grow further from there!

By using AI to their advantage, instructional designers are able to create personalised and engaging learning experiences for learners. With the development of AI in various industries, it's important that instructional designers stay up to date on how AI is shaping their industry. 

In this article, we'll explore the role of AI in shaping digital learning design, with a focus on areas such as personalisation, predictive analytics, and adaptive learning pathways.

If you're considering a Digital Learning Design course or already work in the field, read on to find out more about how AI is changing this field.

Personalising digital learning experiences 

AI algorithms are capable of analysing vast amounts of data about learners. This includes:

  • Learning styles
  • Preferences
  • Interests
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses 
  • Professional background
  • And more!

This data-driven approach enables instructional designers to create highly tailored learning experiences that cater to the specific needs of each learner. 

By presenting content in a way that is tailored to individual learners, AI-powered digital learning platforms can enhance engagement and promote effective learning outcomes.

Anticipating learner needs with predictive analytics

By analysing learner data, AI algorithms can identify patterns and trends that can help predict learner needs and preferences. 

For example, AI can analyse a learner’s past performance and behaviour to identify areas where they might struggle or require additional support. This allows instructional designers to address potential challenges and provide targeted interventions.

This can make the life of a digital learning designer a whole lot easier, but it can also make for an engaging learning experience for learners. This is a scenario that benefits everyone involved!

AI can adapt learning pathways

AI can provide personalised recommendations and adjust the difficulty level of content, ensuring that learners are consistently challenged at an appropriate level and can progress at their own pace. This fosters a more effective and engaging learning experience.

This works especially well for corporate training, where learners have varying experience and knowledge levels at the beginning of the programme. This ensures that the course is effective for all individuals. 

AI can automatically generate content for eLearning

AI technologies can already generate eLearning content that can be used for learning activities during professional development courses. 

This learning content includes:

  • Interactive modules
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Learning pathways
  • Multilingual content
  • Automated summaries
  • Adaptive feedback
  • Virtual reality simulations
  • Written content
  • Automated captions
  • Personalised recommendations.

Automated content generation can help educators and instructional designers save time and effort in creating learning materials.

AI assisted 1-1 support 

AI tutoring systems provide learners with personalised guidance and support which can simulate one-on-one tutoring interactions by analysing learners’ responses and providing targeted feedback. 

Organisations may be onboarding lots of staff who may require education and training for their corporate role. AI can assist learners with any questions they may have and ease the pressure on instructors who can focus their efforts on other aspects of their role.

How can digital learning designers learn about AI?

Do you want to enter a career in digital learning design or increase your knowledge in the field?

The world of digital learning design is fast paced and constantly changing. Digital learning designers need to keep up with the changes in their industry in order to be able to develop effective online training eLearning courses. 

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