APM vs Prince2: Which Project Management Course is Best?

Wed 07 Jun 2023

Are you looking to move into the project management profession, or to improve your knowledge and skills?

A qualification in project management can help you stand out in the job market.  There’s a wide choice of qualifications to choose from that are globally recognised and will give you the knowledge you need to effectively deliver a wide range of projects.

For example, did you know that 86% of people who complete a project management qualification boast greater project success as a result?

APM and Prince2 are both project management courses designed to support you throughout every stage of your project management career. In this blog, we discuss the pros and cons of each project management course and highlight the benefits of a CMI project management course, to help you decide which one is best suited to your career. 

What is APM? 

APM, also known as the Association for Project Management, is the only chartered body for the project management profession and currently has over 35,000+ individual members.  

Pros and Cons of APM 


  • Industry recognised project management qualification which can help significantly increase your earnings 
  • Achieving a qualification with APM means you’ll have the opportunity to achieve the Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) standard. This standard demonstrates a high level of technical knowledge, professional practice and ethical behaviour 
  • APM qualifications are recognised by employers and project managers worldwide.  Completing this course will enhance your career opportunities, confidence and credibility as a project manager 
  • APM tests your ability to project manage successfully and efficiently 
  • The APM curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including project management "people" skills
  • APM also teaches monitoring and planning techniques such as Earned Value and Critical Path. Prince2 doesn’t teach these techniques. 
  • APM goes into the detail and takes into account project specific topics. 


  • APM is more suited to those who do well in exam conditions. It is a knowledge-based qualification that allows candidates to demonstrate knowledge of all elements of project management. It is a closed-book, essay-style examination.

What is Prince2? 

PRINCE2  is a project management certification programme that provides you with the fundamental skills to become a successful project manager. Prince2 stands for Projects In Controlled Environments, and is used and recognised internationally. 

Pros and Cons of Prince2 


  • Templates are provided for key project information and documentation
  • PRINCE2 can be ideal for some organisations because it is not prescriptive in any particular techniques. Many organisations have their own tools and methods for this.
  • PRINCE2 is best suited for those who may struggle with exams and essay writing. It involves an objective, multiple choice test that requires candidates to understand the contents of the guidance and the terminology too.  The exam is open book to reflect the work environment that Prince2 prepares you for 
  • PRINCE2 is completely scalable, and the most recent update to the framework means it can be more easily tailored to each project you undertake. 


  • The PRINCE2 methodology is less specific in regards to the project management processes and techniques
  • To become fully qualified, you must complete both the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner courses.  This includes demonstrating how to apply the method to real world projects.
  • Project managers must renew their certification every 3 years.

The benefits of a CMI project management course 

Choosing a project management course from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) presents unique advantages over alternatives such as APM and PRINCE2.  

CMI stands out by offering a holistic learning experience that extends beyond project management methodologies. The course encompasses broader leadership and management skills, providing professionals with a well-rounded skill set essential for addressing complex challenges in various business contexts.  

Explore more benefits below: 

  • Covers project management, leadership, and management. 
  • Prestigious recognition of excellence. 
  • Suitable for diverse leadership roles. 
  • Skills applicable to changing business needs. 
  • Recognised commitment to excellence. 
  • Competitive edge at a lower cost. 
  • Enhances international employability. 

 Which project management course should you do?

APM covers a broad range of concepts related to project, programme, portfolio and risk management, whereas PRINCE2 is a methodology, a definitive guide with defined content that only covers project management.  

If you’re a manager that’s required to deliver projects as part of your role, or looking to move into the project management profession, our CMI project management qualification helps you stand out in the job market.  

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