CIPD Learner Blog Part 4

Tue 17 Jan 2017

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David Hawthorne
CIPD Learner

In this workshop we looked at how change can affect us emotionally and practically, and reviewed relevant case studies. We also considered HR service delivery, absenteeism and development, including training proposals. 

Managing Employment Relations 

We split into two groups and each group was given a brief. One group acted as a trade union and the other as a management team. The scenario for the session was a negotiation of redundancy agreements for a group of staff.

It was interesting to see how different people reacted to the brief and had different opinions on how they would have fulfilled the brief.

The management team’s aim was to make cost savings from redundancies of 200 staff and get as many points from their brief agreed by the trade union. The management brief included information such as; number of staff looking to be made redundant and costs allocated in the budget.

The Trade Union team’s goal was to achieve their points in the negotiations. To achieve a successful result they had to negotiate the best redundancy package possible for the staff affected. As a member of the Trade Union team I feel both teams ended the negotiations satisfied with the outcome.

One interesting fact was that according to the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act of 1992, all-important information about collective bargaining must be disclosed in order for a fair negotiation to take place.

The theory learnt in the pre reading and group discussions of prior experiences really helped in the  workshop, and the assignments and webinar presentations were a great way to learn to work collaboratively to improve policies and present the amendments to a ‘management team’.

As I continue my studies to achieve the CIPD qualification, I can see I have key personal developments to make, and recognise the strengths I already have. I have a growing interest in change management and employee relations.  

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