CIPD Learner Blog Part 5

Fri 03 Mar 2017

People standing over a table with laptops and documents and shaking hands

Blog Author
David Hawthorne
CIPD Learner

I always thought the role of a HR advisor in the recruitment process was just the initial induction of a person into an organisation. However, through my studies with MOL, I have discovered that HR are also responsible for handling organisational restructures.

In the first part of the workshop my group looked at a list of fictional applicant profiles affected by a company merger and a subsequent new structure. The objective of the task was to score the candidates so we could select someone for a role within the new structure. We decided as a group to consider:

  • Experience/Knowledge
  • Performance reviews
  • Absence taken and reason behind
  • Grievance and disciplinary action

Each candidate was scored on all of these aspects and we were able to see who was most suitable for the role.

Later we worked on job descriptions, person specifications and adverts. We used a range of methods to produce these resources. An example was to interview two members of the group on their current job roles so we could make a list of duties. We also discussed the benefit of work shadowing to get a deeper understanding of their duties on a daily basis.

The next part of workshop introduced us to Repertory Grids. This lists the duties and a range of attributes such as problem solving, research skills, communication skills and ability to follow processes. Each duty is scored against each skill on a scale of 1-5. Adding the totals gave us the key aspects we needed for our person specification.

This grid was then used to design a job description, person specification and job advert to upload on the Virtual Learning Environment for others members of the group to apply for with their personal CV’s. Giving us valuable further experience of the whole recruitment process.