CIPD Learner Story: Angela | CIPD Level 7 Diploma

Wed 20 Mar 2024

After completing her Level 7 Advanced Diploma, Angela Clayton is one step closer to owning her own consultancy firm.

She says that studying the course with MOL has given her the confidence to take that step by increasing her knowledge of the subject matter and being able to apply herself in strategic decisions more.

“Having more buy-in from the senior management team is a key thing,” she adds.

Speaking at our graduation ceremony in November, something she describes as her “proudest moment”, Angela (picture, right) admits it was a challenge to complete the course while balancing work and family life.

She says: “That was definitely the biggest challenge and studying from home was quite difficult as well.

You do have to put your life on hold for a little while, but the outcome of finishing the course and the satisfaction of completion is amazing. So never give up.

And her advice to learners about to study or currently studying the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic People Management?

“Never give up. Be determined. Be disciplined. Have a studying plan.”

If, like Angela, you’re looking to advance your career in Human Resources, find out more about our CIPD courses and enquire today.

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