CIPD Learner Story: Forster | CIPD Level 7 Diploma

Wed 17 Apr 2024

An image of Forster Amo in graduation robes at the MOL graduation.

After starting with MOL at Level 3, Forster has now graduated with a CIPD Level 7 Diploma and says “the sky is the limit” for his future.

It’s been a long but successful path for Forster, who quotes a famous saying when asked to sum up his journey.

“A journey of 1000 miles begins with one little footstep,” he said.

I started with MOL a few years back from Level 3, where I had zero to nothing experience in HR. Fast forward a few years and here I am graduating in Level 7 Human Resource Management.

Forster credits his tutors for their support in helping him to balance his studies with his worklife, something he is looking at with renewed excitement for the future after securing his qualifications.

“I'm already working at a global company, the Boston Consulting Group, luckily in a very senior role, and I’m enjoying my time there,” Forster said. “Right about now I can see that the sky is the limit as far as what the future holds.”

There’s a lot for Forster to look back on with pride and he highlights the bond with his fellow learners as a particular highlight.

A lot of the time when you're undertaking courses, it may seem that you're a bit spaced out when it comes to actually learning together. But MOL put instruments and different structures in place so that you've got that cohesiveness with other learners and other team members.

With a lot of experience, Forster is well-placed to counsel new and prospective CIPD learners on what they can expect. So, what would his advice be?

“Take each day as it comes and never give up because you’ll face lots of challenges if you're starting from Level 3 like I did. But persevere, keep going and you will definitely get to where you want.”

If, like Forster, you want to further your HR career, find out more about our range of CIPD courses.

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