EVENT - Join HR expert Gary Cookson for new 12-part webinar series

Fri 01 Jun 2018

MOL associate tutor and HR industry expert Gary Cookson is running our free 12-part Performance Puzzle webinar series.

Each month Gary will cover a relevant topic aimed at helping HR professional to create an engaged and highly motivated team of employees by piecing together the performance puzzle of motivation.

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1. Achieving a flexible work-life balance - 24th April

The first webinar explores how achieving a flexible work-life balance can better internal relationships and promote employee satisfaction.

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2. The importance of health and wellbeing in a corporate environment - 22nd May

In this simple and efficient session, Gary will explore the development of a wellbeing strategy, the business impacts of health issues and how a workplace supportive of health and wellbeing initiatives can improve moral and internal relationships.

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3. How ethical leadership improves performance - 26th June

This session will focus on the impact and position of ethics within an organisation by exploring the correlation between ethical behaviour and performance, specifically in areas of employee satisfaction, community engagement and financial performance.

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4. Creating a successful culture for digital transformation - 24th July

A digital transformation takes more than a good IT team. Join Gary as he discusses how HR professionals should be playing a part in creating successful digital change within their organisation.

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5. How your brand impacts performance - 21st August

Your brand as an employer will impact what people say about you, as well as the people you attract as recruits. This session looks at managing your brand to retain employees, but also to engage high quality potential employees to your business.

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6. Social media guidance for employers and leaders - 18th September

With 92% of the UK population having access to internet, the use of social media to engage and promote learning has become an exciting prospect for businesses. Join Gary as he explores the best ways to utilise it to the promote learning and engagement of staff.

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7. Critical steps for developing employee engagement  - 23rd October

Internal communications play a huge role in a business’s performance. This session looks at how to change your internal communications strategy from being reactive into a creating forward-thinking opportunities to engage and better your business.

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8. Creating meaningful work environments  - 27th November

How do you get into a flow of work where you feel unstoppable and everything seems to come naturally? Gary discusses why giving work meaning at both an individual and organisational level can promote performance.

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9. How to deliver both autonomy and fairness  - 18th December

Autonomy has the potential to be extremely motivational, but can be different for each individual employee. This session explores how to balance autonomy and  improve intrinsic motivation while ensuring fairness and consistency in the workplace.

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10. The importance of happiness at work  - 22nd January

An employee’s happiness can have a huge effect on their work, but is it all positive? This month focuses on how to encourage employees to feel happier at work and the effect this has on motivation. Gary will also discuss how to determine whether too much happiness is a bad thing.

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11. How to make your employees feel special  - 26th February

This session looks at how to make your employees feel special for their skills, behaviours and qualities while still promoting belonging to unlock engagement and motivation. Gary will talk about how the motivation to either fit in or stand out can greatly impact engagement and how striking a balance that suits each individual and their motivators can benefit retention in your business.

12. The secret to creating great teams - 26th March

Belonging at work is a massive factor for both retention and motivation, yet it doesn’t always mean conforming. Each individual will want different things to help them feel as if they are a part of a team, whether it's playing a specific role or being the same as everyone else. This session looks at how to create a sense of belonging in a workplace that doesn’t lead to indoctrination.

Every element of this carefully curated collection is a useful tool in itself, but fitting all 12 pieces of this performance puzzle together can lead to a highly motivated and engaged workforce that performs better than ever. So register to attend the webinar series now and get the skills you need to get the most out of your people.

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