Give your PR the budget it deserves

Thu 11 Dec 2014

Blog Author
Paul Rogers
Product Director

Content marketing is set to grow in 2015, that much is clear. It has become an essential component of all public relations work and as such needs to be taken seriously. The key will be how to convince your finance department to give it the budget it needs to flourish.

In my opinion the two most important factors of content marketing are technology and strategy. Here are some top tips for getting the most out of your public relations and getting that extra budget:

Be in the Right Place

Find out where and when your audience will be paying attention. This is increasingly becoming less about newspapers and magazines and more about online public relations.


What's right for one isn't always right for all. Make sure you research the kind of PR you are doing. If you want to integrate apps and tools into your plan, make sure you get the company who can provide a demonstration first.

Use Social Media

Promoting yourself through social media can be free, if you have the right contacts. Find out the people who influence the people you are trying to reach and interact with. Become more than just a press release machine.

Collaborate with Others

There are people in your organisation that know more about their subject than you do. Rather than trying to write on their behalf, treat them as journalists would treat you. Sit down and ask them questions and then craft a story around it. Remember that it has to be interesting, fresh and informative.

Collaborate with your other PR

Choose apps and tools that work together. Nothing should ever be done in isolation. It's okay to have a campaign but it should feed in to the wider strategy.

Capture your audience

Don't just shout in to the wind. When someone contacts you on social media or through an email, capture them. Public relations is more than empty words. To justify any new budget you will need results. Having a big stack of leads to give your sales department is the perfect reason to give you more money.

Keep it Simple

Don't try to do it all at once. If you have 10 plans all firing off at once, how do you know which one worked? Take the time to plan and take the time to execute.