Women Making Great Strides #2 Janine Waters – The HR Management Professional

Tue 10 Dec 2013

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Learner Stories: Janine | CIPD Advanced Diploma in HR Management

Janine's    was a game-changer, propelling her to an Assistant HR Manager role at Saga Group Ltd and shaping her into a proactive leader.

Janine Waters knew from a young age that traditional university education wasn't for her. At 16, she opted for an apprenticeship in Business Administration with Pfizer Ltd, which set her on the path to a career in Human Resources. She later transitioned to a Resourcing Advisor’s role with the NHS.

I knew when I was 16 that I didn’t want to stay at school and do A-Levels like everyone else. I’d already been offered an apprenticeship in Business Administration with Pfizer Ltd, which I knew would be a great start to my Human Resources journey.

Janine's career took a turn when she joined the manufacturing industry as an HR Assistant. Despite her enthusiasm, she quickly realised that the role alone wouldn't provide the developmental grounding she needed to progress.

"It became clear during the first few months that the role alone wasn’t going to give me the kind of developmental grounding I needed to progress."

Determined to advance, Janine enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in HR Management course with MOL Learn. The course's flexibility perfectly suited her full-time role, which left little room for extended time away from work.

"I studied eight units in total – from reward and employee relations to human resources within a business context – and I found myself continually surprised and engaged by what I was learning."

Her dedication paid off when she was offered a post with Saga Group Ltd as an HR Officer. The role presented her with strategic challenges that correlated ideally with her coursework.

Everything I learned was directly applicable to my day-to-day activities. As a result of the programme, I’m now confident that the advice I give and the processes I follow are appropriate and correct.

Upon completing the programme, Janine was promoted to Assistant Manager. She now leads a team and is charged with helping to develop individuals in their respective roles and careers.

"I absolutely love it! I can’t wait for my official accreditation to come through from the CIPD and then it’s my graduation!"

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