Jo’s Outstanding Achievement

Fri 08 Dec 2017

Joanna Bond

Learner Story: Jo | CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in HR Management

Jo's CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma with MOL Learn led to an outstanding achievement award and motivated her to change roles within Nationwide Building Society.

Jo Bond began her HR career in 2013 by joining Nationwide Building Society's graduate scheme. After 18 months, she felt the urge to further her education and turned to her colleagues for CIPD study provider recommendations. MOL was a popular choice.

I wanted to fit studying part-time around my social life, not the other way round, and MOL worked for me.

Jo praises her tutors and the support team at MOL for their readiness to assist her, whether during regular working hours or just hours before an assignment deadline.

"All my MOL tutors brought something different to my studies, but what they all had in common was that they were ready to help me whenever I needed it."

The study programme was directly related to her job, allowing her to apply her learnings practically. This had a positive impact on her work and gave her a new approach to tasks.

"It gave me a different way of approaching work tasks – now I have the research and evidence to back up my ideas, and the business education to approach things professionally and credibly."

Thanks to her learnings, Jo was motivated to change roles within Nationwide. She shifted to a learning and development-based role, gaining confidence to work in different parts of HR.

The course and qualification has given me the confidence to work in different parts of HR. I really enjoyed learning from the other people on the course about the different roles they have, and it motivated me to try something new.

Jo's advice for prospective MOL students is to get involved in discussions and make the study experience enjoyable.

"It’s a long time to be studying for, so you’ve got to make it enjoyable, and make sure the studying fits round your work and social life."

For those looking to achieve outstanding results in their HR careers, discover more about our CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma with MOL Learn.

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