Sarah’s story: "I didn’t know I was academic!"

Mon 31 Oct 2016


Learner Story: Sarah | CIPD HR Course

Sarah's CIPD course with MOL Learn was a revelation, changing her self-perception from 'hands-on' to academic and inspiring her to pursue a degree.

Sarah never considered herself 'academic.' She took various vocational courses and was more of a 'hands-on' person. However, her journey with MOL Learn has been transformative, leading her to realise her academic potential.

"I moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2009 where I progressed from HR Officer to HR Manager with an international logistics company, eventually managing a team of 12."

After returning to Scotland in 2014, Sarah wanted to refresh her knowledge of UK employment law. She found that the MOL course met her needs perfectly, offering structured workshops and realistic deadlines that she could schedule around her work commitments.

Even when I thought I was already knowledgeable on a topic, I learnt something new and even challenged my own way of thinking, which was fantastic.

Sarah found the workshops to be a great learning environment. The same group of people attended each month, allowing them to bond, support, and learn from each other.

From the first workshop, I have used my learning on an almost daily basis. It's amazing how quickly you start putting the knowledge gained into practice.

Sarah's newfound confidence and knowledge have had a positive impact on her organisation. She now feels assured that she is giving her clients sound, credible advice.

I've signed up for a part-time degree this autumn, which I wouldn't have dreamt of doing if it hadn't been for MOL. Thank you!

Sarah's story is a testament to the transformative power of education. She went from considering herself 'hands-on' to becoming an HR consultant and is now embarking on a degree.

For those looking to discover their academic potential and make a career shift, explore more about our CIPD courses with MOL Learn.

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