Is learning and development the career for you?

Wed 19 Jan 2022

Learning and Development is increasingly popular, with employers understanding the many benefits of developing their employees. 

As an L&D professional, you:

  • Identify skills gaps among employees
  • Develop personalised learning plans 
  • Improve colleague performance through the design and delivery of learning programmes.

If you’re considering a career in learning and development, here are five reasons it could be a good fit for you. 

Why work in learning and development?

1.  It’s easy to get started with L&D

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a globally respected HR and L&D organisation and highly regarded by recruiters. At MOL Learn, our CIPD L&D qualifications give you the essential skills you need for a sucessful career in L&D, including CIPD Level 3 in People Practice and CIPD Level 5 in Organisational Learning and Development. 

2.  L&D roles are available in lots of industries

Learning and Development professionals work in companies with in-house development programmes such as:

  • Commercial firms
  • Educational institutions
  • Health service
  • Law and financial firms
  • Retail companies
  • Central and local government
  • Training consultancies
  • Manufacturing organisations
  • Technology training providers

This means you’re able to choose from a wide range of industries to start or develop your career. 

L&D professionals are also found within large HR teams. Read more: Should you complete a CIPD qualification in HR or L&D?

3.  There’s plenty of room for career progression in L&D

Just like many other professional roles, L&D has room for you to develop your career in different directions. 
You might start as an Employee Experience Manager or a Learning and Development Designer but with more experience and training, available in our CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development, you can progress to more senior roles such as Learning and Development Business Partner or Organisation Design Specialist.

4.  L&D focuses on growing others

A career in Learning and Development is perfect for you if you’re passionate about helping people to succeed. By assessing a person’s development needs, you’re helping them reach their own personal and professional goals. 

5.  You get to work with lots of people in an L&D role

As a Learning and Development professional, you’ll engage with everyone within an organisation, from junior employees to senior stakeholders. If you’re a natural people person who enjoys learning about others, you’ll thrive in this career.  

Ready to kickstart your career in Learning and Development? Browse our available L&D courses or get in touch with our Qualification Advisors on 03452 032 103 for more details. 

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