MOL Alumni: Diane Dandy

Diane Dandy

Diane currently works at Sellafield Ltd as an Enterprise Deliverability Team Member having previously worked as a Resource Planning Advisor for the same organisation.

The Sellafield HR department is committed to providing a professional service to the organisation. The CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma was identified as the qualification that would give Diane the right level of professional recognition. Additionally, the course content also related to the Centres of Excellence within her organisation.

“It allowed me to build my knowledge base without working in that field, and also provided me with an insight before looking for opportunities.”

Diane’s primary reason for choosing MOL was the flexible method of course delivery.

“MOL included workbooks for each subject area and also ran monthly workshops in a central location, which provided me with the opportunity to meet individuals from other organisations. This was particularly useful in establishing a network and allowed me to benchmark against other organisations. The workbooks were invaluable and provided reference material in an easy to use format.”

Like all MOL learners, Diane was supported throughout the course. She stated, “The support provided was excellent from start to finish. I was allocated a Programme Co-ordinator at the beginning who provided empathy, guidance and understanding; a lifeline throughout my 2 years of study. I can’t speak highly enough of the team at MOL.”

Since achieving the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma, Diane has changed roles in her organisation.  

“My goals for the forthcoming year are mainly focused around my new role. The position involves understanding the deliverability issues across the enterprise and working with the accountable function to draw up potential intervention plans. This will enable me to obtain a better understanding of the business which will help me when I am looking to advance my career.”

It allowed me to build my knowledge base without working in that field, and also provided me with an insight before looking for opportunities.