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Tue 01 Sep 2015

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Emily Allen
Product Manager - HR & L&D

Blended learning for HR professionals – Putting your personality into your learning.

To succeed, you will need to build relationships across your business, whilst negotiating and challenging the day to day.

Therefore, professionals in the HR industry tend to be sociable, tenacious, and thrive on discussion. When designing our HR courses, we keep these traits in mind and offer you a learning approach where your personality will help you succeed. Our blended learning approach gives you the flexibility to study the core content at your own time and pace, and group workshops allow you to meet your industry peers to share your critique, discuss your challenges, and build those crucial relationships. You will benefit from all the positive outcomes associated with group learning and have fun at the same time.

The activities on our workshops are fast paced and enjoyable with practical applied exercises created to map to ‘real life’ content. Your tutor will guide you through the activities, but you will be working with peers from other organisations, sharing knowledge and experiences. A strong sense of togetherness and support is built up during these sessions which continues beyond the workshops to motivate your home study. As well as hosting an array of online learning materials, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) allows you to keep in contact with your fellow learners via discussion groups.

Each programme is supported by an associate tutor who is an experienced industry practitioner. They understand the practical tasks and challenges in your role, as well as the theory that underpins solid HR practice. The tutor-led workshops give you a small group of supportive peers that you get to know over a number of weeks and months. As well as learning the course content, you will also develop those key skills of negotiation and challenge, as well as benefitting from the motivational support of others.

One of our learners recently suggested that she would never have had the confidence to ask what she considered ‘silly’ questions in our online discussion groups if she had not already met the others in the group during the workshops. When we have built a relationship, we are able to say and do things we otherwise wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to a stranger. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of feeling part of something and the impact this has on our behaviour. As HR professionals we hope you agree.


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