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Mon 14 Oct 2019

Partnership between MOL and the Civil Service has led to a series of short video blogs with some of their key HR members.

MOL have been working with the Civil Service for three years, delivering the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) Level 7 Advanced Diploma qualification to their human resources (HR) professionals.

Over the three years we have supported 228 Civil Service colleagues to achieve their Level 7 CIPD qualifications and have been proud to work with an innovative and forward thinking team.

As an organisation that works closely with the CIPD, the work at the Civil Service both follows and shapes the vision of HR as an industry, and the partnership provides us with the opportunity to share best practice in the HR sector with our learners.

Emily Allen, Product Manager for HR, Learning and Innovation at MOL said: “This has been a really exciting partnership. Working with the Civil Service has enabled me to better understand how they work as an exemplar of some of the best practice in the HR world.”

As part of the partnership, the Civil Service and MOL have jointly created a series of short video blogs with some of the organisations key HR members. The vlogs feature colleagues discussing their work and specialisms in various HR areas such as Business Partnering, Organisational Development and Design, and Technology. The vlogs also include research that the Civil Service has undertaken with the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) into what the future of HR, as well as how to best use HR systems and improve the organisation based on people data.

Emily added: “As a HR professional by trade, I love hearing how other organisations do things. After all, one of the key elements of being a HR professional is that you can move industries and organisations relatively easily and share best practice or best fit wherever you go.

“A lot of our learners (much like myself in my early HR career) come from smaller organisations where the HR function is more general and there is little space to go into specialisms in depth. So I am glad we have the opportunity to share some insider knowledge from the Civil Service, and I hope that these videos will inspire other HR professionals to see where HR is heading and what we can aim for.”

The latest set of vlogs are available to view in the MOL Video Library and feature:

  • Tammy Noel, Specialist Partner, Organisational Development and Design, Civil Servce talks about 'Organisational Development and Design'
  • David Moss, HR Strategy and Functions Lead, Civil Service on 'Using Technology in Human Resources'
  • Paula Leach, Chief People Officer, The Home Office discussing 'What is Human Resources Business Partnering'
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