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Meet the MOL team

Our Team

A team of dedicated colleagues - experts in flexible learning programme design and delivery. 

We’re here to help you succeed! 

Melanie Nicholson portrait image

Melanie Nicholson

Managing Director of MOL


Paul Rodgers

Product Director


Mike Spick

Project Manager - Management


Emily Allen

Product Manager - HR & L&D


Paul Jager

Product Manager - Property


Angela Hesketh

Delivery Co-ordinator


Angela Tracey

Assistant Product Manager


David Hughes

Programme Development Leader - Property


Sue Smith

Head of Customer Communications & Engagement


Janet Brown

Quality & Tutor Manager


Michelle Gaffney

Lead Delivery Coordinator

Portrait image of Michael Waugh

Michael Waugh

Business Development Manager

Portrait image of Sarah Marsden

Sarah Marsden

Delivery Coordinator - Customer Experience Team

Portrait image of Thomas Parkinson

Thomas Parkinson

Business Improvement Manager

Portrait image of Svetlana Kudriavceva

Svetlana Kudriavceva

Learning Technologist

Portrait image of Esther Bisset

Esther Bisset

Materials Editor

Portrait image of Maureen Quinn

Maureen Quinn

Materials Designer

Portrait image of Sean McLoone

Sean McLoone

Delivery Co-ordinator

Portrait image of Steven Hardy

Steven Hardy

Qualifications Advisor

Portrait image of Asiyeh Taassob

Asiyeh Taassob

Learning and Innovation Manager

We are part of the largest not for profit learning enterprise of its kind.
This means we reinvest our resources to help you the learner, rather than pay dividends to shareholders.