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Full Stack
Development Course

Price: £3,995

Approx. 9 to 12 months 

Why choose a career in full stack development?

Demand for full stack developers has risen in recent years. With technology rapidly evolving, versatility in the sector is key. Progress your career by achieving a globally recognised qualification and gain highly valued skills and expertise.

  • Global opportunities
  • Flexible and remote roles
  • Average salary of £52,500

Reasons to choose this course


100% online


24/7 support 

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No coding experience needed


Unlimited exam resits

What you'll learn


Learn to develop interactive websites using HTML5 with Pearson IT Specialist HTML5 Application Development.


Understand how to design and develop websites using HTML and CSS with Pearson IT Specialist HTML and CSS.


Learn JavaScript programming, including understanding client-side scripting and server-side scripting with Pearson IT Specialist JavaScript.


Learn Python programming, including understanding data structures, algorithms, and web development with Pearson IT Specialist Python.


Gain foundational knowledge in databases, understand how to structure and analyse data with Pearson IT Specialist Databases.


Understand the principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI), including understanding core AI concepts, and how to integrate AI in full-stack development with Pearson IT Specialist AI.


Understand the full development cycle of Full Stack Developer.


Learn how to debug and test full-stack applications effectively.

Find out more about Full Stack Development

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Outcomes for your business

Upskill your team with essential certifications made for the industry by the industry. 

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Full stack developers work on both the front-end and back-end of applications, providing greater versatility than developers who specialise in one area.

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Having a team of full stack developers increases efficiency, as they can work across projects and quickly fill in gaps where needed.

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Big Picture Understanding

Full stack developers have a comprehensive understanding of how different layers of a software application interact, which leads to better design and more effective problem solving.

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With their wide-ranging skills, full stack developers will contribute to innovation in multiple areas of your company's tech infrastructure.

How you'll learn

Through our partner NuYew Tech Academy, you’ll study 100% online at your own pace.

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Full Stack Development Courses Frequently Asked Questions

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