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Angela, a Chartered Manager with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for leadership to her role.

With a proven track record, she's committed to empowering others in their educational journey.

Angela's career with MOL began in 2006 as a Quality Coordinator, where she ensured that all teaching met rigorous regulatory standards, providing learners with the highest quality education.

In her current role as a Product Manager, Angela stays at the forefront of industry changes and ensures they're reflected in the course offerings. Constantly seeking new opportunities to expand the curriculum, she's also responsible for the design and implementation of programmes.

Angela's role as an in-house industry expert infuses confidence and professional insight into every aspect of course delivery.



Awarded designation of Chartered Manager

Completed 2021

CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership

Completed 2020

During my time as Quality Coordinator at MOL, our team were nominated and won the award for ‘Contribution to Organisational Sustainability’. This was a result of reviewing and implementing several cost and time efficiencies across our programmes with improved stakeholder relationships. The team were also nominated for ‘Most Innovative Team for New Ways of Working’ where we achieved top three finalists.

Completed 2017

Angela Tracy-Brown portrait

Angela Tracey-Brown

Product Manager - CMI

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