CIPD Learner Story: Maricel | CIPD Level 7 Diploma

Wed 01 May 2024

A candid picture of Maricel Champion who is wearing her cap and gown, and smiling at the MOL graduation ceremony.

Maricel graduated with a CIPD Level 7 Diploma and is now looking forward to progressing further in her career in human resources.

As a Human Resources Recruitment Advisor, Maricel Champion wanted to further her HR knowledge with a professional qualification and found the perfect environment with MOL.

Not only did she learn from her tutors, she also gained a lot from her fellow classmates.

“When I started in HR, I had a very basic knowledge,” Maricel said. “When I started doing the course, I just realised that I have so many things that I have to learn, especially from my classmates. 

Some of them are already human resources managers, some of them are directors, some of them are just starting out. But talking to them in the class, whether it's face-to-face or e-learning, you take a lot of information from them, especially when we have a debate.

When asked what she’s most proud of about her time with MOL, Maricel comes back to her classmates, and the group chat they set up to support each other.

She also reserves praise for her tutors and their words of encouragement. She said: “The tutors are telling us non-stop that we can make it. They're there to support you and the MOL staff are very supportive. They will guide you towards what you want to achieve.”

Working in HR and now having achieved her CIPD Level 7 Diploma, Maricel is well-placed to offer advice to current and future cohorts. So, what words of wisdom would she offer?

You must commit; commitment, commitment, commitment. That's the word that you need to have in your mind and in your heart.

“When you get into the course, your full commitment, your time management and your passion should be put together so that you can achieve, and at the same time experience the joy of being with different people around the world.”

If, like Maricel, you want to increase your knowledge and further your career in human resources, find out more about our CIPD courses.

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