CIPD vs SHRM: Which one is better?

Tue 11 Apr 2023

If you’re looking for a HR qualification, you may be wondering whether CIPD or SHRM is a better fit for you. 

There are many similarities and differences between the two qualification providers, however, if you’re looking for the perfect course, it is worth weighing your options.

If you want to develop your career and gain the relevant HR knowledge, skills and experience, read more to find out whether CIPD or SHRM is a better option for you.

What is the CIPD and SHRM?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a UK-based organisation dedicated to Human Resources (HR) development for professionals in the field. CIPD provides training courses, qualifications, research and networking opportunities for anyone who is registered with the organisation.

CIPD has a mission of improving working lives, encouraging good people practices and helping organisations to develop their employees. 

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a US-based organisation in the field of management and people practices. Similar to CIPD, SHRM provides training courses, qualifications, research and networking opportunities to HR professionals.

SHRM has a mission to promote best HR practices for better working lives, empower HR professionals and advance their careers. 

CIPD is recognised in the UK and internationally

In the UK, CIPD is regarded as the gold standard of HR practice. However, it is also internationally respected and recognised as a highly-regarded qualification for HR professionals. 

This means, if you have completed a CIPD course, you have access to HR positions internationally and are not only limited to UK-based roles. CIPD is also often the preferred qualification for recruiters in the Middle East. 

CIPD accreditation increases your career development 

Although CIPD accreditation isn’t a legal requirement for employment in HR or L&D roles, many employers in the UK, and internationally, favour those with CIPD qualifications. This is because CIPD is recognised as the leading provider of HR qualifications, in line with best HR practices in the UK.

Although SHRM is highly regarded in the US, it is not as highly-regarded as CIPD in the UK. This means that those with CIPD accreditation have a competitive edge over those with a SHRM qualification in the UK and are more likely to advance their careers. 

CIPD qualifications significantly increase your chances of securing senior HR roles, as they solidify your knowledge and experience, and prove your competency as a successful candidate. 

CIPD offers a range of qualifications and resources at different experience levels

CIPD provides a range of qualifications for all progression levels. This includes, CIPD Level 3, CIPD Level 5 and CIPD Level 7 advanced diploma. These qualifications have core units that encompass a wide range of topics, such as strategic people management and development, work and working lives, personal effectiveness ethics and business acumen, professional behaviours and valuing people and much more. 

These qualifications provide individuals with the skills, experience and knowledge they need to become well-rounded HR professionals. Although SHRM provides training courses, they are not as tailored to UK-based best practices as CIPD. This means if you’re wanting a career in HR in the UK, you may not have the relevant skills, experience and knowledge if you do a SHRM course. 

Unlike SHRM, you can gain a CIPD qualification at different levels depending on how much experience you have had. This means anyone looking to get started with a career in HR can gain a CIPD qualification to boost their employability and enter an exciting career. 

CIPD can be studied online

Upskilling or changing your career can be difficult, but CIPD is here to make it as easy as possible for you. With online learning, you can work and manage the responsibilities of your life, all while gaining a valuable qualification that can develop your career in HR

CIPD has a community of other professionals online, so you can network with others in the HR industry and accelerate your career. CIPD also shares up-to-date resources online to over 160,000 members globally!

Although SHRM can be studied online, studying a CIPD qualification with MOL means you’ll have a dedicated team of online tutors to make your CIPD learning experience as effective as possible. MOL has a Virtual Learning Environment that can be accessed at any time, so learners can reflect on their learning, access resources and speak to tutors. 

If you’re looking to upskill, gain a HR qualification and expand your knowledge, check out our CIPD courses, and enrol today

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