CMI Learner Story: Chris | CMI Level 3 Certificate

Wed 12 Jun 2024

Angela Tracey-Brown

Product Manager - CMI

As someone with a solid grasp of management and leadership concepts, Chris Flevill was looking for a qualification to formally recognise his existing knowledge and found exactly that with the CMI Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Management and Leadership.

In his role as a Planning and Performance Technical Specialist at The Manchester College, Chris needed a course that he could fit around his work responsibilities while refining and sharpening certain aspects of his skills.

Speaking about the experience of balancing studies with work, Chris said: “Studying online while balancing work commitments made the learning experience much more manageable compared to onsite learning. The flexibility it offered was invaluable, allowing me to structure my study time around my work schedule. From my experience, online sessions were better condensed and focused, with clear guidance on what was essential to know.

"I had three 1-2 hour tutorials and three 1-2 hours assessment briefs scheduled during work hours, which I managed to fit into my work schedule comfortably, thanks to the support of my manager.

The assessments were completed in my own time or during breaks in my work schedule, which was manageable and enjoyable for me.

Chris was taught on the Level 3 course by Paul Jager, a tutor who’s been part of the MOL team for 20 years and also teaches on our Property Agency and Project Management courses.

Chris said: “The webinars were engaging and interactive, thanks to the excellent facilitation by Paul. He was not only highly knowledgeable but also incredibly engaging with his students. He fostered an environment where participation was encouraged, and even if someone’s response wasn’t quite on target, he always managed to provide constructive feedback in a positive manner.

“Paul was always responsive and provided clear feedback on assignments. His guidance was consistently helpful and contributed to my overall learning experience. Overall, the online learning format, coupled with Paul's effective facilitation, kept me engaged and motivated throughout the course."

One of the many benefits of the CMI Level 3 qualification is the ability to choose the study units that are most relevant to your role or you find most interesting, something that Chris used to full effect.

“In my role, I frequently transition from one project to another, handling a diverse range of tasks,” he said. “One of the units I chose from the course was ‘Delivery of a Project’.

This course has been instrumental in solidifying my project management skills and, more importantly, boosting my confidence by validating my approach to managing projects.

“I also completed the units on ‘Principles of Management and Leadership’ and ‘Managing a Team to Achieve Results’. These units have been invaluable in enhancing my understanding of effective team management. This knowledge is particularly beneficial when I cover for colleagues in management positions or take the lead on projects, where I am required to assist in managing and guiding a team to achieve our objectives.”

“In summary, achieving my CMI qualification has significantly enhanced my confidence, knowledge, and skills in leadership and management. It has equipped me with the tools and frameworks necessary to effectively lead projects, manage teams, and make informed decisions. Additionally, the qualification has opened up new opportunities for career advancement and personal growth, allowing me to take on more responsibilities and contribute more effectively to my organisation's success.”

If, like Chris, you’re looking to sharpen your management and leadership skills with a formal qualification that fits around your busy role, find out more about our CMI courses and enquire today.

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