CMI Level 3: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Thu 17 Nov 2022

Angela Tracey-Brown

Product Manager - CMI

If you're looking to improve your management and leadership skills, a CMI Level 3 qualification is the perfect choice. Management training is extremely valuable for career progression, and CMI (Chartered Management Institute) qualifications are respected across all industries and sectors. 

In this article, we'll explain what CMI Level 3 qualifications involve, and explore some of the benefits they offer. 

What is CMI level 3 and what is it equivalent to? 

A CMI Level 3 qualification is a highly respected management training course, and broadly equivalent academically to A Levels.  This course is often seen as a great way to improve career prospects and open up further study opportunities. 

Whether you're already working in management, or looking to make a career change, CMI Level 3 could be the perfect choice for you.  

What does the CMI Level 3 Course cover? 

During a CMI Level 3 qualification, you'll cover topics such as: 

  • Managing your own personal and professional development
  • Principles of management and leadership
  • Supervising or managing a team to achieve results
  • Building stakeholder relationships using effective communication
  • Contributing to the delivery of a project
  • Managing daily activities to achieve results
  • Managing budgets and resources
  • Managing data and information. 

By completing the CMI Level 3 course, you’ll enhance your career prospects in achieving an industry-recognised qualification.  You’ll develop your skills and knowledge and be able to apply these in any setting or sector.  

What sort of work is involved in the course? 

To complete a CMI Level 3 qualification, you will typically need to complete coursework, including written assignments. 

Our CMI Level 3 qualifications are delivered LiveOnline, meaning you have access to your learning materials and tutor support whenever you need it. This helps to balance studying with your work and home commitments.  

The time you have to complete the course will vary depending on which qualification you choose. There are 3 levels to choose from: 

Level 3 Diploma (8 units - 12 Months) If you aspire to move up the management ladder, this is the course for you. By fully understanding all units, and applying your knowledge you’ll become a more effective manager and improve your career prospects. 

Level 3 Certificate (3 units - 4 Months) When you achieve your management and leadership certificate course, you’ll have a greater understanding of the 3 topics you selected and be ready to move to the next level. 

Level 3 Award (1 unit - 5 Weeks) This qualification is perfect for anyone wanting to begin their management journey. You’ll experience a great introduction to management and leadership skills, from experts in the field, and understand the next steps you can take to continue your learning journey. 

How much do CMI Level 3 qualifications cost? 

CMI Level 3 qualifications vary in cost, depending on which course you choose.  

  • CMI Level 3 Award – From £395 (includes VAT) 
  • CMI Level 3 Certificate – From £895 (includes VAT) 
  • CMI Level 3 Diploma – From £1,795 (includes VAT) 

If you're ready to take the next step in your management career and learn more about CMI Level 3 courses, visit our website today to explore our wide range of courses and start your journey toward success! 

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