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Hannah Lewis

In 2018, Registered Conveyancing Technician and Practice Manager, Hannah Lewis, wanted to specialise in conveyancing law but a law degree was out of the question because her studies had to fit around a full time job and personal commitments. 

After a lot of research and deliberation, Hannah decided the Level 4 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice (SQA) with MOL offered the flexibility and support she needed.

Hannah had joined a successful niche law practice, Anna Arthur & Associates, in 2005, having previously worked in family and matrimonial law departments at two other law firms.

She worked directly with the owner and principal solicitor at the firm, Anna Arthur, and gained experience in numerous areas of law, which ultimately helped her decide that property law is the subject she is most passionate about.

As a motivated individual, Hannah was keen to progress in her career and assist her employer at the same time; legislation dictated that Anna Arthur and Associates needed another partner in order to work with certain mortgage providers.

After completing her Level 4 course Hannah decided to continue studying and has enrolled on the Level 6 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice with MOL, which will see her become a Property Lawyer. This in turn will help the law practice secure future business from conveyancing clients requiring mortgages.

Hannah said: "I'd started my Level 6 when the pandemic hit. However, I was thrilled with how fast MOL reacted to the government guidelines by switching the exam venue to an online monitored exam.  The switch was fast and stress free.

In terms of my Level 4, I really enjoyed the course, particularly the mock assignments which I found helpful and insightful.

"They allowed me to practice for the real things without the associated pressure.

“I also benefited from the webinars, which were delivered by knowledgeable tutors who really understood the subject. I had the opportunity to raise any queries during the webinar, and the content was really well thought out. If I ever felt the need to listen to part or all of a webinar again, I had access to recording online, which was useful.

"Since completing Level 4, I am able to work through the conveyancing case files at a much faster speed.”

When asked what advice she would give to prospective students, Hannah said: “I would reassure anyone thinking about studying with MOL that they have the time to complete a qualification and their studies can fit around their lives. MOL’s approach is really flexible and courses are tailored to individual needs.”

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