Everything you need to know about doing a human resources course online

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For many HR professionals, CIPD qualifications are the gateway to career advancement. However, for those who have already begun their full-time career, have family and life commitments, or live in more rural places (or all of the above), studying face-to-face in a classroom may be an impossibility. That's where online learning comes in. Whilst online learning isn't for everyone, it's an excellent opportunity to gain qualifications on your terms. Here is everything you need to know about doing a human resources course online.

You benefit from complete flexibility

Although our CIPD Live Online modules do have start and end dates, many of our programmes are roll on roll off, which means you can start whichever module you want at a time that suits your needs. If you want to study for one module, take a break for the next, and pick up on the next module, that's a possibility. You can study whichever modules you want whenever they are available. Get in touch to receive a schedule of upcoming CIPD modules. 

Furthermore, outside of attending your scheduled webinars (which vary in number from course to course), you can choose when you have time to study. Even if you cannot attend a particular live, interactive webinar on that date, you always have access to the recorded sessions for as long as you're enrolled on the course. 

A final element of flexibility is you can fit your course around your lifestyle. As long as you have an internet connection, you can study online!

You have access to specialist HR knowledge

Our courses are written, developed, and taught by HR industry experts and professionals. Our tutors are specialists who have worked in HR for many years, acquiring specialist knowledge and insight. Many tutors are also certified coaches and enjoy mentoring and coaching learners to achieve their goals. 

Our courses are current, up-to-date and reflect the current industry, preparing you for both your exams and the real world.

Additionally, our tutors are human, too, with busy lives, many of which balance families, friends, work, and studies themselves. Most of our tutors can relate to the challenging experience of studying whilst working a full-time job so they won't place unreasonable demands and expectations. 

You have complete support

Many of our learners not only benefit from individualised tutor support but also from peer support. Learners are often encouraged to join WhatsApp groups to help support one another and your tutor will be available to coach and mentor you to success. As a result, MOL has one of the highest success rates and pass rates for CIPD.

Outside of your tutor and your peers, we have Customer Experience agents who check on your throughout your course to gather feedback and to see that you're getting the best experience possible.

Many of our CIPD learners are placed on courses supported by their organisations, which means they get corporate sponsorship and extra time to devote to their studies away from the demands of their day-to-day work. Organisations know that supporting their employees through their education will pay off in the long run, so whilst you're embarking on your studies, your company will know that you are learning to be a better HR professional which will benefit them down the line. 

Lastly, you are not just another number to us; we care about your success because your success is our success. One of the biggest influencers is word of mouth and, if you have a positive experience, you'll tell your coworkers and friends. Even our CIPD product manager, Emily Allen, studied with MOL long before she worked for us and had such a great experience that she sought out an opportunity.

You can study at a lower cost

Whether you're paying for your own studies or you have company sponsorship, without the outlay of building costs and other considerations, online study is often less expensive than face-to-face courses.

Completing a HR course online also means fewer costs for you. You don't have to travel to another location, saving you money on fuel or public transportation costs. You can eat your lunch at home without worrying about either buying an expensive lunch out or figuring out the logistics of keeping your lunch fresh whilst attending a workshop. 

You find it easier to balance your studies

Finally, many learners who study online have an easier time balancing studies with other life commitments. Since online HR study is on your terms, you can choose when and where you study. Whether you devote every Saturday and half of Sunday to completing your work or if you just study a few hours a few days a week, it's completely up to you. On the other hand, if you study face-to-face and have to adhere to a specific schedule, you may find studies less easy to manage with a busy lifestyle but with online learning, you create your schedule and we provide the support to ensure you're keeping up with your work.

The takeaways

Embarking on any course is a challenge but studying online for your human resources qualification can remove some of the obstacles. Find out more about our CIPD courses here or join us on our next online learning webinar.

For more information about our CIPD and HR qualifications, please complete our enquiry form or call one of our Programme Advisors to discuss.