Hitesh: Propertymark L3 Award in Residential Lettings

Mon 12 Feb 2024

Hitesh Mistry has recently completed the Propertymark Level 3 Award in Residential Lettings with MOL.

As the proprietor of Vision Lets, a small independent agency specialising in high cash flowing strategies in Watford, Wembley and other surrounding areas, Hitesh was able to apply some of his learnings to his work almost immediately.

We spoke to Hitesh about the Level 3 course and how both he and Vision Lets have benefited.

Tell us a bit about the work you do.

We’re a niche letting agency who specialize in HMO lettings, although we do regular lettings as well, like traditional families and traditional property. 

Since beginning your studies, have you seen any improvement in yourself?

Yeah 100%, I’d certainly say an increase in self-confidence and assurance. Not in an arrogant way, but it helped me to be more aware of the wider picture in terms of speaking to tenants and landlords and just being mindful and ensuring that we remain compliant, our landlords remain compliant, and that we’re really following best practice. I think it’s inspired confidence when you have a greater belief in yourself and a greater confidence in yourself.

How has your business benefited from you achieving this qualification?

Part of my reasons for doing the studies is so that we can educate and share that we are also ARLA Propertymark accredited and we’ve studied to the same level as the high-street letting agencies that have a shop. 

How did you find studying with MOL?

Yeah, it was good. I went for the online learning option which was good. I think the rehearsal cards, that you can use to very broadly condense the key points of each module that you learn, were really excellent.

I also really enjoyed, or took a lot of benefit from the mock exam papers, by doing those mock exam papers just before the real exam and identifying some of those gaps that I needed to go and revisit. It’s all about reinforcing education and what you’ve learnt.

How likely are you to recommend MOL and why?

I would definitely recommend MOL. The big thing for me, that I really got a lot of value from, was that it was very easy to access. Being online, everything’s very accessible and you can revisit parts of it as much as you want to, but all it together was very, very helpful for me. And I’ve successfully now completed the Level 3 qualification.

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