Kick start your property career as restrictions begin to be lifted

Mon 08 Jun 2020

The last couple of months have been a challenging time for the property sector. The industry, from sales and lettings to conveyancing and probate, has been stuck in an unprecedented limbo but that hasn’t stopped people across the sector taking a step forward in their careers.

Aside from the contraction in the economy, that will mean less disposable income for an awful lot of people, we faced the simple roadblock that the potential buyers and sellers were unable to view houses or complete on a purchase even if they wanted to.

During this period, the uptake and commitment to courses from professionals in the property industry has been staggering. Many have used the time they have had available, as a period of self-development, and the property sector should be proud of it’s dedication to the mantra that out of adversity comes opportunity. At MOL we are seeing a real upsurge in the number of professionals engaging with our Propertymark courses and it’s now our job to support them as they venture into the realm of professional development.

So, you’ve been working away at your own professional development during lockdown, but what now? I’m sure many of you are itching to get back to work, having a break is fine but the chance to get your teeth into the real work is the sort of challenge that we all needed.

A couple of months back, MOL colleague David Hughes wrote an insightful blog discussing the future of mandatory qualification legislation. Whilst we can safely assume that this has had a pin put in it for now, that doesn’t change the reasoning that we must all continue to look forwards and plan (as best we can) for what is to come next.

Despite these challenging circumstances you can make the most of this time as a welcome period to work on your own professional development. With your newly acquired skills and methods you should be prepared to hit the ground running when we slowly begin to return to some small degree of normality.

As a provider we were very lucky that our Live Online provision was already up-to-scratch so our courses have been able to continue in very much the same vein as prior to the lockdown. We are even expanding our offer with the Property Agency Level 4 Workbook Plus programme that will offer professionals another option for online studies and the opportunity to further advance their career and earning potential.

Hopefully, as life begins to recover some semblance of normality, your opportunity to engage with a course that will boost your future career prospects will continue to be appealing. Our courses are structured in a way that can work around you and your lifestyle. Our courses are all designed with the busy professional in mind.

So, take that step up on your competitors and improve your own skills and methods in the process. There has never been a more crucial time. Find out more information about our Property Agency courses.

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