Women making great strides #5 – Lora Cooper, Property Lettings Superwoman

Fri 07 Feb 2014

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Learner Stories: Lora | Residential Lettings & Property Management Diploma

Lora's Diploma in Residential Lettings & Property Management with MOL has been a driving force in her career, enabling her to juggle family life and professional growth successfully.

Lora Cooper, a mum of two, has always been ambitious. Despite the challenges of being a single mum for five years, she never let it impact her professional development. When her partner moved in, Lora decided it was time to return to work, launching her career in property lettings.

I guess you could say I fell into lettings. The time was right for me to return to work, and I was more concerned about how my children would cope without me.

Joining Harvey Baines Ltd in Wolverhampton, Lora quickly impressed her bosses and took on full-time hours. Her role began to focus more on legal tenancy agreements, renewals, and terminations.

Within three years, Lora moved her family back to Bath and joined Touchstone Corporate Property Services. Here, she found the support she needed to develop her career further.

The organisation offered all the support I needed. I found myself applying to MOL for the NfOPP Level 5 Diploma, which would provide me with a better understanding of a huge range of topics.

Lora's dedication was such that she spent her annual leave for three years studying. She even completed a challenging project, which took her 12 months.

"The most difficult part was the project. But my family supported me throughout, pushing me to study when my motivation was running dry."

Today, Lora has been promoted to Assistant Manager for Back Office Services and manages four different teams.

[Studying for the Level 5 programme] has definitely given me an edge and an increased level of respect from clients, customers, and colleagues.

MOL discontinued its Level 5 Diploma offering in 2010 in favour of a Level 2 and 3 Certificate programme, which we felt would be much more conducive to learning while earning. There's no project to complete and it's much easier to study in bite sized chunks.

For those looking to make significant strides in property management, discover more about our Diplomas in Residential Lettings & Property Management with MOL.

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