MOL Launches New Elite Property Programme

Wed 25 Feb 2015

Over the last few years billions of pounds have been invested in the commercial property sector, giving a big return to investors, businesses and property agents. In an article last Sunday, The Telegraph’s Kyle Caldwell revealed that some investors were returning a profit of 19% and double figure returns could be on the cards for 2015.

In this time of market growth, MOL’s property division is proud to launch its unique Elite programme for the Technical Award in Commercial Property Agency. This innovative approach to learning will enable agents to get the most out of their studies and gain the knowledge required to excel in this expanding market.

Studying on MOL’s Elite Programme is a simple and effective way to prepare for your exams. You’ll receive our  Technical Award workbook, a personal learner support network, and access to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

MOL’s unique VLE  provides you with additional support, including:

  • mock exams
  • mind maps
  • digital flashcards
  • study guide

Studying with us will give you the confidence and accreditation you need to stay ahead of the competition. To find out more about our workbooks and Elite programmes please call our Programme Advisors on 03452 032 103 or email

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