5 Prince2 Alternatives: Choose the Right Course

Wed 06 Mar 2024

Angela Tracey-Brown

Product Manager - CMI

Are you looking to pursue a professional development course in project management?

Boasting an average salary of £45,000, project management stands as a stable and rewarding career with numerous benefits. Whether you're aspiring to enter the industry or are already a part of it, there are several widely recognised names offering professional development courses to propel your career forward, such as Prince2.

However, there may be better, lesser-known courses out there, such as CMI. Read on to discover some Prince2 alternatives and why you should pursue a CMI course in project management.

1. Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

The CMI Project Management Course is your gateway to a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach in project management. Developed by the Chartered Management Institute, the CMI course is one of the best project management courses out there.

The course goes beyond the basics, focusing on leadership, strategic insight, and practical application, making it the perfect course for those who manage projects alongside other managerial responsibilities.


  • Tailored for professionals at various career stages
  • Offers a holistic curriculum, teaching project management, leadership and strategic thinking skills
  • Designed for the evolving project management landscape
  • Acknowledged by employers in the UK
  • Great value for money
  • Desired by employers.


  • Brand Presence: While gaining prominence, the CMI course may not have the immediate brand recognition of some alternatives. However, its emphasis on practical skills compensates for this.

CMI Project Management Cost: £795

Length: Typically 12 weeks, allowing for a paced and in-depth learning experience.

Industry applicability: Suited for a broad range of industries with a focus on leadership and strategic project management.

2. APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)

The APM Project Management Qualification is offered by the Association for Project Management and is a course that gives learners project management principles.

Aimed at both aspiring and experienced project managers, the course covers a broad range of topics, ensuring that individuals are well-prepared to work in the field of project management.


  • Widely recognised both in the UK and internationally
  • Covers a diverse range of project management aspects, offering a well-rounded education for practitioners at different career stages
  • High emphasis on practical application.


  • Can be relatively expensive compared to some other certifications.

Cost: Approx £1250 + VAT

Length: Typically a 5-day course.

Industry applicability: Suitable for professionals across various industries, offering a versatile skill set applicable in diverse project environments.

3. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

The Certified ScrumMaster certification is a widely-recognised qualification for professionals involved in Scrum-based project management. Scrum is an agile framework that emphasises collaboration and adaptability. The CSM certification equips individuals with the skills needed to utilise the Scrum process and enhance team collaboration.


  • CSM provides a deep understanding of Scrum principles
  • Ideal for those working in dynamic and adaptive project environments
  • Focuses on fostering effective communication and collaboration.


  • Highly focused on the Scrum framework which can be limiting
  • Beneficial for beginners, experienced project managers might find the content too basic.

Cost: Approx £695 + VAT

Length: Typically a 2-day training session.

4. Professional in Project Management

The Professional in Project Management certification is designed for those who are seeking a comprehensive understanding of project management principles and practices.

Offered by the Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM), the PPM certification is suitable for both entry-level and middle-management professionals and those in higher positions looking to advance their careers and widen their skillset.


  • Recognised internationally
  • The certification allows individuals to choose modules that align with their career goals and industry focus
  • Emphasises practical application.


  • May not have as wide a global recognition as some other certifications
  • Can take longer to complete than other courses.

Length: Typically takes a few months to complete, depending on the chosen modules.

Industry applicability: Suitable for professionals across various industries, offering a flexible and tailored approach to project management education.

5. Certified Associate in Project Management

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is a certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is designed for individuals entering the field of project management or aspiring to gain foundational project management skills. CAPM provides a solid introduction to project management principles and terminology.


  • Entry level qualification suitable for those wanting to kick start their career
  • PMI certifications are globally acknowledged
  • PMI offers a range of certifications catering to different career stages
  • PMI certifications are built on globally accepted project management standards.


  • Is known for its rigorous exam and eligibility criteria, which may be challenging for some individuals
  • The CAPM course in particular may not be suitable for more experienced professionals.

Cost: From £272 + VAT

Length: Approx 3 days.

Project management courses with MOL

The CMI Project Management Course stands out as the best choice, offering a flexible curriculum catering to various career stages, a strong emphasis on leadership and strategic thinking, and a recognition that extends both nationally and internationally.

With a balance of affordability and comprehensive content, CMI ensures you get the most out of your professional development experience. Enrol today.

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