The Property Profession – A Deeply Misunderstood Industry - Part 4

Fri 07 Aug 2015

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Paul Jager
MOL Product Manager - Property & Conveyancing

The previous three parts in this series focused on how property agents need to better communicate the value they can provide the customer. Whether dealing with buyers or sellers, agents have a skill set that far exceeds just marketing or ‘valuing’ property. Using the M.A.N principle, discussed in part 3, they are able to help the public through the entire property transaction.

To finish these articles I want to ask a question. At the very start of a relationship with a customer how can you immediately demonstrate your worth and expertise, the moment you meet?

You could rely on the route many agents take, explaining how many properties you’ve recently sold, the longevity of your organisation or perhaps the number of potential buyers on the books.

However, this is probably the same type of communication a customer will hear from most property agents. So, what can we do to better it?

There are two ways.

One of the most powerful is ensuring everyone knows you are a qualified property agent. Nothing demonstrates knowledge more than a meaningful qualification. And if there is one thing that the public want when buying or selling a property it’s someone with genuine knowledge of how to successfully navigate the property maze and avoid stress along the way.

Fortunately for the property industry the National Federation Of Property Professionals Awarding Body have a wide variety of nationally recognised property qualifications to choose from. Whether you sell, let or auction property there is a NFoPP Awarding Body qualification for you.

The second method of quickly proving your worth is to promote your professional body membership, for example NAEA, ARLA, ICBA, NAVA or APIP. Use their logos at every opportunity, in your office and on your website and stationery.  This not only demonstrates your legitimacy in the profession but also the high standards you work to.

I want to finish by suggesting that for the industry to survive and flourish property agents need to fight for their good reputation back. And that is going to take a revolution. But let’s agree that 2015 is the year this revolution starts because I want the public to know how truly magnificent our property profession is. And that’s because the staff in it – all of you – are truly magnificent and you deserve the public’s praise, you deserve the public’s trust but more than anything else you deserve the public’s respect.

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