Jacob: Propertymark L3 Award in Sale of Residential Property

Thu 06 Jul 2023

Jacob Littorin is studying Propertymark’s Level 3 Award in the Sale of Residential Property through MOL. The 24-year-old currently lives in Stockholm, but has ambitions to move to Islington in London to become a self-employed estate agent.

Having previously studied for the Level 2 Award in Introduction to Sale of Residential Property with Propertymark and MOL, we spoke to Jacob about how he’s finding the Level 3 course and the benefits of our Virtual Learning Environment.

Can you tell us a little bit about your company and what your job entails?

I am not currently employed as a real estate agent. I’m studying and learning to be able to provide excellent estate agency services to people that want to sell their home or buy their dream home. I’m learning everything to be able to move to London.

Since beginning your studies, have you seen any improvement in yourself?


This is my second qualification from Propertymark. I did the Level 2 Award – An Introduction to Residential Sales, which really gave me a starting point to the property sector and residential sales.

Now I have a really strong background of knowledge. Now I’m moving on to the Level 3 qualification, which is the main qualification for residential sales, that makes me really confident. I can really tackle the different topics and study materials in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to if I hadn’t done the Level 2 Award.

What benefit do you think your business/organisation will gain from you achieving this qualification?

My mission is to become a self-employed, personal estate agent in Islington. That means I’m there for my clients. Although it’s very important for a real estate agent to earn an income through commission, or if you have your own business to drive that business forward and have a successful business, I’m doing all of this learning and studying for the benefit of my future clients. I want to have happy clients.

I want to be able to provide excellent estate agency services and great customer care so they can be happy and have a smooth sail, a smooth process in what might be the biggest transaction of their lives. I want them to be happy and perhaps refer me to their friends and family and other people who want to buy or sell in Islington or London. That’s why I’m doing all this studying. Customer service comes first for me. Happy clients are very important. 

What is your course delivery method and how are you finding it?

The last time I did a Propertymark qualification through MOL, I only had the workbook. I was sitting and reading and studying only using the workbook. But I found out that MOL has ‘levelled-up’ in a way, that you now have the Virtual Learning Environment with all the podcasts, forums and webinars. So now I’m using the online workbook and all the podcasts.

It’s so good to be able to sit in the car, because I have a 40 minute drive to my work, so I can just sit there and listen to the podcasts with the topics of selling residential property and learn that way, as well as reading the workbook through the VLE.

That is a great service that MOL is providing and Propertymark is in good hands here for their students. 

How do you manage your personal/work life alongside studies? Is there any benefit to how your course is delivered in helping you balance this?

MOL provides a really good service here and it’s accessible through my phone. So I can just sit in my car and access the all of the webinars, forums and podcasts. I’ve downloaded all of the podcasts to my phone so it’s very convenient, this service that MOL offers. It’s very easy to keep a good balance. I can come home to my computer and sit down and read the workbook for 1-2 hours, then drive to work and listen to free podcasts, because they’re quite short so it’s easy. It’s not like they are one hour podcasts. That makes it very convenient to just get in ten minutes of learning here and there. I’m very driven to learn and I’m happy that MOL provides such a good service.

How have you found the overall learning experience so far?

I’ve been doing the Level 3 qualification since March. It’s very convenient and there hasn’t been any breakdowns of the service either. It’s very good. The workbook has all the chapters very well structed in the VLE. 

Why did you choose to study with MOL rather than another provider?

Properymark mentioned MOL as their study material provider so I went with MOL for my Level 2 qualification. Back then, I could log on and do mock exams, study cards and study questions to learn the things I’d read in the workbook and now I have all these podcasts. I don’t know of any other provider of these materials but MOL is perfect for it.

Why should someone consider a career in Property Agency?

For me, it’s the ability to offer exceptional customer service and the ability to see someone’s smile when they have moved into their dream home, and have a smooth process when selling their previous home. That makes me very driven to learn about the property sector and residential sales as an estate agent.

If you find it interesting, you should give it a try and see how it works for you. For me, it was that I want to provide customer service, I like property and I love running around town going to meetings. The work itself and the way that you can reach quite high and become successful made it very attractive to me.

If, ike Jacob, you're interested in a rewarding career in the property sector, find out more about our Property Agency courses.

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