Renewable energy systems aren’t the future; they’re today’s solution to reducing energy bills

Tue 03 Feb 2015

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David Hughes
Programme Development Leader - Property

Are there any downsides to adding renewable energy systems to a property?

Everybody wants to save the rainforest and help prevent global warming, but can a little knowledge make a big difference?

By 2020 everyone in Great Britain will have been offered a smart meter. These devices enable people to monitor their energy usage and make changes to the way they see and use household energy.

A smart meter alone can only help to reduce consumption by so much. To gain a real benefit, an investment in renewable energy systems, such as photovoltaic panels, solar panels or heat pumps, some of which are funded by government, are a necessity.

Government schemes such as The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Green Deal and Renewable Heat Premium Payment, all support people by helping them reduce their monthly bills.

Curriculum Programme Leader for Construction Programmes Michael O’ Sullivan believes that there are few downsides to installing these renewable energy systems:

With government incentives, reductions in carbon footprints and the eventual production of free ‘energy’, once the installation has paid back the cost of its initial investment, it will provide profit for the company

Michael also believes that people don’t need government intervention to make a change.

When a householder doesn’t want to invest so much in renewable technologies but still wants to reduce their energy usage, small changes can be made through the use of insulation and innovative products such as the installation of cold-start taps.  After all, if we do not reduce our energy usage, it could cost us all the earth.

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