What are CMI qualifications equivalent to?

Wed 05 Jan 2022

Angela Tracey-Brown

Product Manager - CMI

With professional development a priority for many hiring managers, specialised progression qualifications are becoming even more popular.

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 3 and 5 qualifications will help you progress in your management and leadership career - giving you the skills and knowledge you need to take your next step.  

MOL CMI Level 3 and CMI Level 5 courses help you to get your career off the ground. As CMI is the only professional body to award chartered status, you’ll gain the highest recognition in management  immediately improving your career and promotion prospects. 

What are CMI Level 3 and CMI Level 5 equivalent to? 

Choosing the right CMI qualification depends on your career level and reasons for progression. The CMI Level 3 qualification is equivalent to an AS or A-Level qualification, and the CMI Level 5 qualification is the same as a Foundation Degree or Higher National Diploma. 

What’s the difference between CMI Qualification level 3 and 5? 

CMI Level 3 is designed for people at an earlier stage in their management career. Both levels provide management and leadership development – you can take a look at the routes offered below:  

CMI Level 3 Qualification 

The CMI level 3 qualification is suitable for you if you are a front-line manager, for example a team leader or a project/resource manager. The course provides a broad range of knowledge on the principles of management and leadership and is a great choice if you’re looking to move into management or want to progress within your sector.  

The Level 3 qualification is split into three qualification routes: award, certificate or diploma.  

CMI Level 3 Award: an introduction to management and leadership focusing on increasing your knowledge in one core area. The award level is the quickest option – choose one unit from the eight topics available.  

CMI Level 3 Certificate: Ideal if you’re looking to develop your management and leadership skills. Extend your knowledge by choosing 3 modules from eight key topics including Managing Own Personal and Professional Development, Managing a Team to Achieve Results and Building Stakeholder Relationships Using Effective Communication. 

CMI Level 3 Diploma: Allows you to progress to a broader understanding of management, to enhance your career prospects. Choosing the Diploma route means you cover all 8 units including Managing Budgets and Resources and Contributing to the Delivery of a Project.  

CMI Level 5 Qualification 

The CMI Level 5 qualification is suitable for you if you’re already in a middle management role. Level 5 helps you develop core management and leadership skills and is split into three qualification routes: award, certificate or diploma.  

CMI Level 5 Award: This qualification is ideal if you are a middle manager wanting to gain further knowledge, techniques and skills. The award is often taken by managers who don’t have a management qualification to evidence their ability in a particular area. It’s the quickest option to complete as you select just one unit from the 8 available. .  

CMI Level 5 Certificate: The certificate allows you to strengthen and develops your ability as a middle manager, by focussing on management areas specific to your role. Develop your knowledge by selecting the three key topics most suited to your role.  

CMI Level 5 Diploma: Achieving the Level 5 diploma gives you professional recognition, evidences your abilities and enhances your career prospects. You’ll gain extensive understanding of how to become an effective manager. As an eight unit award, the diploma has longer study periods with great support.   

Why choose a CMI qualification with MOL Learn? 

We understand management professional qualifications like no other training provider. That’s what makes our courses great. 

Our tutors are management experts and use a wealth of experience to bring your learning to life. You’ll be encouraged to apply theory and models to your own workplace, meaning you can add immediate value at work by applying your learning directly to your role. 

Our Live Online study option means you can fit study around your work and personal life and really progress your management career. 

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