What does a Digital Learning Designer do?

Thu 17 Nov 2022

So you're interested in a career as a Digital Learning Designer? 

In this article, we will introduce you to the role, its prospects and clarify what Digital Learning Design is and what a Digital Learning Designer does.

What is Digital Learning design?

Digital learning design is the process of creating digital learning materials and experiences. It encompasses everything from understanding the needs of the learner to designing, developing, and deploying the material. Digital learning designers work with a variety of tools to create engaging and effective learning experiences.  

Why is Digital Learning important?

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, so does learning. Digital Learning Designers play an important role in creating engaging and effective digital learning experiences for people of all ages.  

Digital learning has become part and parcel of our lives in more ways than one. From enhancing workplace productivity, through corporate training and development, to pursuing personal projects or interests, or even continuing education;  Digital learning platforms have opened up a world of opportunity. 

Digital Learning benefits people across all age groups and walks of life.  It is safe to say that we are living in the era of digital learning. 

Digital Learning Designer Job Description

Design, develop and deploy engaging, educational digital learning programmes across a wide variety of subjects.  A digital designer will work closely with educational and professional colleagues to deliver high-quality learning activities through online, hybrid and highly blended formats.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop learning activities whilst being compliant with quality and accessibility standards
  • Copy-writing, scripting and storyboarding of learning experiences for online and hybrid courses
  • Use a variety of multimedia applications to compose and edit digital learning content
  • Review and implement new technologies and trends in digital learning 
  • Conduct content quality reviews for user experience and usability testing
  • Facilitate the content design and development of workshops 
  • Review data and produce reports 

Skills and Experience Required

  • Digital Learning Design qualification or equivalent experience
  • Experience designing and developing learning programmes
  • Professional experience using multimedia applications including video & audio production and editing
  • Demonstrated experience of using relevant technologies and software required to support learning activities
  • Knowledge of learning design approaches and frameworks
  • Advanced written and spoken English, as well as technical and communications skills

Digital Learning Designer Salary

According to Glassdoor, a Digital Learning Specialist’s salary can range from £26,000 to £64,000.  The average base salary is £41,000 in the UK, however it can vary depending on your location.

A Digital Learning Designer's day-to-day tasks may include: 

  • Collaborating with educators to understand their needs and develop appropriate solutions  
  • Creating storyboards, wireframes, prototypes, and final products
  • Editing video footage and audio recordings  
  • Designing interactive course modules  
  • Writing instructional text  
  • Testing software applications  
  • Troubleshooting technical problems. 

Want to learn more? 

If you’re looking to advance your career or just to get on the right career path, MOL Learn has the right courses for you.  We are a Digital Learning Partner to the Digital Learning Institute, offering an internationally recognised qualification.  The Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design course will give you the skills  to screen-plan, storyboard, develop, and roll-out digital learning solutions.  You’ll undertake a practical assessment that provides the opportunity to put your learning into practice.  
MOL provides an easily accessible  online learning platform with opportunities for flexible learning, interactive webinars, virtual classroom and tutor instruction, support and  advice. The Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design

will help you deliver a great digital learning experience for your team;allowing you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, and to progress your career.  

Learn how to design end-to-end digital learning experiences by practising the core instructional design skills for all forms of digital learning. This includes videos, multimedia eLearning, micro learning, podcasts, social learning and immersive learning. 
Interested? learners can apply by emailing enquiries@mollearn.com

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