What makes a good manager?

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Good managers are essential to the revenue, performance, reputation and staff retention in any organisation.

The best managers achieve higher levels of performance and productivity because they make their team feel motivated, inspired and supported – people stay longer, work harder and go the extra mile.

Great management isn’t an accident. Good managers have specific qualities helping them drive their results. If your ambition is to be the best manager you can be, you’ll need the following skills.

You actively seek development opportunities

To meet the demands of an ever-changing workplace, you need to continue to update and develop your knowledge and skills. The best managers understand and seek out development opportunities - not only for themselves, but for other members of their team - filling knowledge gaps and making sure the organisation improves by driving improvements in its people. 

You manage your teams effectively

Arguably one of the most essential skills any manager needs is the ability to manage teams effectively. A well-managed team is more productive and innovative, and people are happy in their role. 

To manage a team effectively, you need good organisational skills, communication skills and empathy for each team member.  This will help you drive results by prioritising and delegating tasks based on the knowledge you have of each individual’s workload, strengths and capabilities. Good managers respond to problems in a calm practical manner making sure their team feels supported and confident if challenges occur.  

You communicate effectively with stakeholders

Most managers have stakeholders they need to engage with to receive information about team deliverables. As a good manager, you’ll act as a link between stakeholders and your team; relaying key messages as well as using this time to communicate your employees’ needs so stakeholders manage expectations and set realistic business goals. 

This role can often be the most difficult part of being a good manager. It can be daunting to challenge a stakeholder or approach them with an  opportunity to improve their employees’ working lives. 

Need to build some basic stakeholder communication skills? Complete the stakeholder module on our CMI Level 3 Award.

You have basic project management skills

Even if you don’t have ‘Project Manager’ in your job title, you’ll need to manage projects of all sizes throughout your career. You need some basic project management skills to help your team successfully complete projects. Good managers have knowledge, tools, and techniques they apply when managing and monitoring projects of any scale.

You understand how to organise daily tasks

Along with larger projects, you’ll need to help your team organise and prioritise their day-to-day activities to achieve wider business goals. Good managers understand how to manage workloads, measure results and set objectives to keep their team focused on delivering the right results. 

You can confidently manage budgets and resources 

Budgets and resources are crucial to the functioning of any business. Organisations need to plan and manage money and resources to grow and remain viable. In an ideal world, finance would be readily available to help managers provide their teams with anything they need. However, budgets are often finite and need to be prioritised based on business strategy. 

Good managers, know how to confidently manage the resources you have, find innovative solutions when funds are limited and build arguments for more resource when needed. 

You can organise data and information well

The ability to solve problems, make timely business decisions and respond to customers’ needs all rests on your ability to access good quality data and information. With growing volumes of data, this challenge can become increasingly difficult to manage.

As a good manager, you’ll understand how to gather, assess and analyse different types of data and information, and how to report findings for different business purposes within legal and organisational guidelines.

How to become a good manager

Many managers gain their opportunity for a management role by excelling at a junior level – this doesn’t always translate into having great management skills. There are several reasons to complete a management course, however, if you’re new to management, lacking confidence or feel you need a refresher in management skills, the CMI Level 3 Diploma is a great place to start. 

Our CMI Level 3 Diploma course helps you develop all the skills you need to be the best manager and to drive great results for you, your team and your organisation. 

Achieving a management qualification has many benefits for both you and your employer. If you’re interested in driving long-term business growth and being recognised worldwide as an excellent manager, it’s a great option for you and your career. You’ll find you can study at your own pace to fit in around work or home commitments using our Live Online study option. Live webinars and great online resources mean you’re fully supported all the way. 

Find out more about our CMI Management Courses or get in touch with our Qualifications Advisors on 03452 032 103

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