Why choose a chartered qualification with MOL for your professional development?


For anyone looking for career progression, the range of professional qualifications can be daunting. As a prospective learner, it's often difficult to identify which programme and provider is the right fit for you.

At MOL, our award winning customer service team are here to assist you in making the right decision. We endeavour to exclusively choose qualifications that have been incorporated and approved under a Royal Charter, which is a formal grant issued by a monarch.

As well as providing Gold Standard Trusted Service to our customers, we have hand-selected the best qualifications to give our learners the opportunity to become a 'chartered professional'. So why do we provide chartered qualifications for our learners? As a chartered professional you will have gained a high level of skills and expertise in your field of work and be recognised with a formal credential.

We want our learners to leave our programmes with more than just a qualification; we want our learners to know and understand their studies fully, so they can be an asset to their organisation, which is why we aren't simply an academic institution. We are a not-for-profit educational provider who specifically tailor our products towards busy professionals, who expect us to match their high standards.  

Behind the scenes, we hire experts to support in the creation of our content. We have a team of editors, designers, learning technologists, and product managers who work together to ensure that we offer top-notch materials through our virtual learning environment, unit guides, webinars, workshops and throughout your learner journey.

We streamline every aspect of our courses to ensure quality and consistency. We are invested in seeing our learners succeed. We care how well you perform and how your career progresses.

Take a look at some of the chartered products we offer.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

CIPD qualifications represent our largest suite of chartered programmes. The Level 3, 5 and 7 qualifications are a baseline requirement to advance in any HR and learning and development role. An entry level salary fora CIPD Level 3 qualified practitioner is statistically more than £10,000 higher than those who are not CIPD-qualified. The CIPD qualification is internationally recognized. With chartered membership, you'll have access to the latest research and insights to continue to excel in your career. 

At MOL, we have industry-experts teaching our courses, professionals who haven't only earned advanced degrees, but who have also worked in the corporate and non-profit world. Our tutors understand the demands of the workplace and can provide learners with real-world scenarios and anecdotes to support their progression. 

Read our case studies to discover some of our CIPD success stories. Additionally, our first-time pass rate for learners is 90%*. Study with us to ensure success.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

Our management and leadership programme helps people to become better managers and leaders. Nearly every job role requires training except becoming a manager; however, we feel that managers need training and support too. They have vital roles in any company and they can make or break the organisations to which they belong. Many companies have been sunk by bad management and leadership and we want to put an end to it.

The CMI qualification not only ensures that your managers are well-trained in the latest in management theory, but it's also true that many chartered managers exceed their targets (73%), develop new products (80%), and improve operations (86%). 

Find out more about what we offer and how becoming a chartered manager can improve your career.

Chartered Project Management Qualification (APM)

APM is the only chartered body for project management. Over 46% of APM qualification holders earn over £50,000 and, according to the 2018 APM qualifications feedback survey, 95% of candidates would recommend the qualification. 

Whilst there are many online programmes out there offering pre-recorded video content to learners, our Live Online delivery goes one step further than the competition. We provide you with an expert-led virtual classroom environment where you can listen and interact, as you learn how to lead, initiate, plan, and implement projects in any organisation.

With chartered programmes, the royal seal means that the program is of the highest quality. At MOL, we offer only the best because we believe in our products and our learners. We work to make our programmes accessible to those with busy, working lives because we understand the challenges of full-time work, study, and life commitments.

Get in touch with us today if you'd like to learn about any of our programmes.

*first-time pass rate of learners in September 2019 exam cohort.