Why Choose a Chartered Qualification for Professional Development

Wed 08 Feb 2023

Angela Tracey-Brown

Product Manager - CMI

Did you know chartered status can increase your professional opportunities and earning potential?


It does! And it could be you who benefits from all its perks.

Chartered managers can earn an average pay rise of £13,000.

Keep reading to find out how much chartered status increases earning potential in human resources and project management too. 

Chartered qualification list

You might be wondering:

“What industries can you become chartered in?”

We offer 3 courses from three different industries. You will need to complete the below course in your chosen industry before applying for chartered status.

Why do people become chartered?

Besides the fancy title, there are multiple reasons why someone would one to become chartered in their industry.

Here are a few reasons:

  • Enhanced professional credibility
  • Increased career opportunities
  • Higher earning potential
  • Expanded industry network
  • Access to exclusive job roles
  • Demonstrated expertise and competence
  • Recognition of advanced skills
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Personal and career development
  • Competitive advantage in the job market

How can a chartered qualification increase salary?

According to the CIPD:

People professionals with a CIPD qualification could earn on average +12% more than those without and employers who require a CIPD qualification pay up to +£4,400.

It gets better:

This is an average based on those all CIPD members. Of course, with higher experience and chartered status, you would fall into the higher pay scale. 

However, this isn’t just limited to the CIPD:

Through their CMI chartered status, chartered managers can earn an average pay rise of £13,000 and can earn anywhere between £31,000 and £86,000 annually on average.

So how much do chartered project managers make?

On average, they make £53,000 per year, with entry level positions starting at £48,000 and more experienced professionals making £67,500.

Chartered status can be life changing for professionals, as it can open many doors to endless opportunities and a nice salary increase!

Why choose MOL for your chartered qualification?

Online learning

Whilst there are many online programmes out there offering pre-recorded video content to learners, our Live Online delivery goes one step further than the competition. 

We provide you with an expert-led virtual classroom environment where you can listen and interact, as you learn how to lead, initiate, plan, and implement projects in any organisation.

Flexible learning

We work to make our programmes accessible to those with busy, working lives because we understand the challenges of full-time work, study, and life commitments.

Expert staff

At MOL, we have industry-experts teaching our courses, professionals who haven't only earned advanced degrees, but who have also worked in the corporate and non-profit world. 

Our tutors understand the demands of the workplace and can provide learners with real-world scenarios and anecdotes to support their progression. 

But it doesn’t just stop at our instructors:

Behind the scenes, we have a team of editors, designers, learning technologists, and product managers who work together to ensure that we offer top-notch materials through our virtual learning environment, unit guides, webinars, workshops and throughout your learner journey.

Start your chartered journey today

We offer a wide range of professional development courses in the UK, backed by professional bodies to help give you the skills and knowledge you need to reach chartered status. 

Our CIPD courses, CMI qualifications and project management can help you reach chartered status, reach your goals and change your life.

Enrol today and get started on your professional development journey. 

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