Why should I study an online course with MOL Learn?

Thu 09 Mar 2023

Today’s labour market is the most flexible, dynamic and opportunistic than it has ever been before. The Office for National Statistics states that in the time period January to March 2018, the employment rate for people was 75.6%, up from 74.8% for a year earlier and the highest since comparable records began in 1971. These figures demonstrate the growing labour market and the range of opportunities available for those who want to improve their skills and take advantage of flexible working. 

Online studying is a natural choice for anyone looking to secure a qualification whilst juggling the day to day realities of life, family, work and study.  Undertaking an online course can be a brilliant way to learn and gain a qualification in a way that suits you the most. 

Great Flexibility

Unlike studying in a university, studying online is undeniably flexible and gives you a great sense of freedom in your learning. You don’t have to worry about the application and acceptance process of university or attending your lectures on time. Our courses are tailored for those who work full time and part time and allow you to learn on the go, at your own speed and at a time of the day that suits you the most. 

Learn from the experts

Each one of our courses has been accredited by a leading awarding body within the industry. They ensure that all of our courses teach you the most crucial aspects of their industries and that they will allow you to thrive in your career after your studies.

Support when you need it

The advantage of learning online is that you have the ability to request support whenever you need it. You will have access to tutor support through online forums, in assessment feedback and via webinars, meaning that you can refer back to resources as much you need. You can even ask questions to our online tutors with a quick and informed response.

Just one cost

The price of our online courses includes everything you need to complete your course:

  • A digital and hard copy of the workbook – (not applicable to all courses)
  • Assessment fees and the choice of dates
  • Access to our online learning environment
  • Downloadable exam and study skills materials
  • Ask questions to our tutors
  • Watch webinars - Live and recorded (not applicable to all courses)
  • Share and discuss your study with your course peers

There is also the useful option to pay for your course unit-by-unit or in monthly instalments.

Location doesn’t matter

Our courses are extremely flexible and allow you to learn anywhere such as during your lunch break at work, on the train home from a meeting or once the kids have gone to bed. Our courses work around wherever you happen to be located.

Reach your full potential

At MOL Learn, our aim is for our students to get the best possible outcomes from our courses by expanding their knowledge and moving onto becoming expert leaders in their industry sectors. Our courses are tailored to work for how you learn the most by combining various types of support such as an array of webinars, an online forum with your course peers, our digital and hard copy workbook and 1-on-1 support from our online tutors.

Since 1984, we’ve been helping people to achieve their dream careers by providing them with our flexible and supported online courses which have been accredited by the awarding body with the industry. If you would like to find out more about any of our courses or would like to know how we support our students through their studies, we would love to have a chat with you.

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