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Paul Jager


Paul Jager

MOL Product Manager - Property & Conveyancing

Paul became an estate agent in 1985 after finishing his degree and later owned a successful estate agents in London for 14 years. Having sold his business in 2002, Paul joined MOL in 2004 as a tutor for MOL’s property programmes. Soon after, Paul was promoted to Head of the Property Division with responsibility for property training and the writing and development of materials and workbooks for the ‘National Federation of Property Professionals’ qualifications, which is today known as PropertyMark.

Does the conversion of loft space into living space require planning permission?

Answer: There are circumstances where planning permission is not required because it is classed as ‘permitted development’. Converting loft space into living space would normally be permitted development as long as the roof line is not altered. Although planning permission is unlikely to be needed, building regulations would be required.