40 day Fast Track Property Programme - Deepa Sadula shares her thoughts

When Deepa Sadula started her Technical Award in the Sale of Residential Property course with MOL,her motivation was to build on her existing knowledge and understanding of the subject as her work in the community involves advising people on the property market in her area.

The Story

Now, having passed the Fast Track 40-day programme, Deepa is not only sharing her wisdom with others, she is also considering opening up a property agency.

IT professional Deepa wanted to earn the credibility that comes with possessing the qualification. She opted for the Fast Track course because she was keen to pass the course in a swift manner, and also wanted to study with a tutor.

Deepa explains: “It was fantastic to be able to communicate with the MOL tutor and ask questions. I found it invaluable to have a tutor who could help me make sense of the material, and whose approach was friendly as opposed to a teacher who was simply there to impart knowledge."

I found the course to be affordable, considering how much I learnt. It opened my eyes to how much there was to being an estate agent.