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Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and Leadership


Do you aim to be or are you already a front line manager? 

Our stand-alone CMI Level 3 Award is ideal for supervisors and front line managers or those aiming to be managers one day. 

The CMI Level 3 Award in the Principles of Management & Leadership helps you develop key fundamental or mid-level management skills including targeted goal setting and effective information sharing.  

CMI Level 3 Awards are equivalent to A-levels and recognised by employers as significant qualifications demonstrating your interest in a management career.   

A CMI Level 3 Award is also a great foundation if your ambition is to become a chartered manager in the future. 

Course details

Price: £395 (includes VAT) 

Length: 5 weeks 

How will I complete the CMI Level 3 Award? 

The CMI Level 3 Award in Principles of Management & Leadership qualification is delivered using MOL's interactive Live Online structure. You’ll get great support  via: 

  • The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)  with a full range of resources 
  • Regular Interactive Webinars with multiple start dates  
  • Bespoke online learning journeys provided through CMI's new ManagementDirect portal  
  • Industry expert tutors who have a wealth of management experience across a wide range of industries 

The qualification is assessment based with no exams. You’ll attend (or watch a recording of) three interactive webinars before completing your unit assessment.. 

CMI Level 3 Award Units

You can pick any one of these eight key management topics: 

  • Managing Own Personal and Professional Development 
  • Principles of Management and Leadership 
  • Managing a Team to Achieve Results 
  • Building Stakeholder Relationships using Effective Communication 
  • Contributing to the Delivery of a Project 
  • Managing Daily Activities to Achieve Results 
  • Managing Budgets and Resources 
  • Managing Data and Information 

Benefits of CMI Level 3 Award

  • Improve your management and supervisory  skills 
  • Boost your team’s problem-solving capabilities 
  • Improve your career prospects 
  • Apply your skills and knowledge to any industry or sector 
  • Opens up further study opportunities for you 
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Course Details

Live Online

  • Allows you to study in your own time and includes:
  • Three Interactive Webinars per unit
  • Access to MOLs bespoke online learning journeys provided through CMIs new ManagementDirect portal
  • On-demand access to Live Online recordings for all units
  • Directed learning via articles, journals, e-models, case studies and video clips
  • Undertaking critical reflection on your own learning practice
  • Assessments – only one assessment per unit and no examinations • Your MOL tutor will be on hand to support you through your assessments.

Managing Own Personal and Professional Development

In order to meet the demands of an ever changing workplace, individuals need to ensure they continue to update and develop their knowledge and skills. Planning for personal and professional development ensures greater opportunities for success. The purpose of the unit is to support the manager to identify the benefits of engaging in personal and professional development. By using the knowledge gained, a meaningful development plan will be created to support them to become an effective manager in the workplace.

Principles of Management and Leadership

Being equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to manage and lead effectively is essential if an individual and their organisation are to succeed. This unit has been designed for learners who want to develop or sharpen their professional edge and enhance personal effectiveness. The unit focuses on the ways organisations operate. The application of management and leadership approaches and how these can positively impact on own role, lead to improved performance, and support teams, colleagues and customers.

Managing a Team to Achieve Results

The ability to manage teams, which are able to communicate effectively and overcome barriers to achievement, is a critical skill for any manager. High performing cohesive teams are created in an environment where there is a collective understanding of values, goals and objectives. This unit has been developed to support managers in understanding the nature of teams in the workplace, and how these can be managed to achieve results.

Building Stakeholder Relationships using Effective Communication

Developing relationships with internal and external stakeholders is an essential management skill. Stakeholders can have a positive or negative impact on the success of an organisation. The aim of this unit is to equip managers to identify and understand stakeholder’s needs, know the purpose and benefits of building relationships with different stakeholder groups, and the methods of communicating with them to achieve results.

Contributing to the Delivery of a Project

Whilst the scale, significance and complexity of a project will vary, the principles of carrying out a project will ultimately be the same. This unit aims to equip managers with the knowledge, tools, and techniques for managing and monitoring projects. It also identifies approaches to managing risk and responding to the needs and expectations of stakeholders. The skills a manager will learn, will not only enable them to improve own working practice, but will impact on the achievement of project outcomes.

Managing Daily Activities to Achieve Results

Working efficiently is essential if a business is to remain competitive. A well structured workload is key to individual and team success. The aims of the unit are to equip managers with the knowledge to identify priorities and set measurable objectives. Managers will know how to organise and allocate daily work activities, monitor outcomes, and respond practically to problems in a manner which supports the achievement of results.

Managing Budgets and Resources

Budgets and resources are crucial to the functioning of any organisation. Organisations need to plan and manage money and resources to remain operational. The aim of this unit is to equip managers with the knowledge that they need to manage budgets and other resources. This allows them to remain efficient and effective.

Managing Data and Information

The ability to solve problems, make timely business decisions and respond to customers needs is all dependent on the ability to access good quality data and information. With growing volumes of data, this challenge has become increasingly difficult to manage. The aim of this unit is to equip managers with the knowledge of how to gather, assess and analyse different types of data and information, and how to report findings for different business purposes within legal and organisational guidelines.


Our dedicated learner care agents are there to make sure that you’re OK, the course is going well and to gather feedback. Also, all of our expert tutors are there to help you. They won’t just be providing advice in the Interactive Webinars - they are on hand at other times to support you too. 

A Comprehensive Programme

All of your learning material is included. There’s no additional textbooks you need to buy. We provide a huge amount of online content so you can learn on the move and at a time that fits around your life. You will have access to study resources 24/7 via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Interactive Webinar

Our Interactive Webinars aren’t simply a presentation by a tutor, they are participative. You’ll engage with activities in real time on the webinar, share information and ideas and begin to fully understand how to implement your new found knowledge.


Our tutors are all experts in their field and will make sure that your workshop training really takes your understanding to the next level. They all have plenty of experience, working across multiple sectors in lots of different roles, which provides a useful insight for budding managers.

Roles you could hold after completing your CMI level 3 studies include:

  • Supervisor roles
  • Team Leader roles
  • Manager (Front Line) e.g. retail assistant manager

Our CMI qualifications fall under the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), which means that a learner has the ability to ‘top up’ the additional units required to achieve the next qualification within the same level.

For example:

A learner who achieves an Award could do the additional 2 units required to achieve a Certificate.

A learner who achieves an Award could do the additional 7 units required to achieve the Diploma.

A learner who achieves a Certificate could do the additional 5 units required to achieve a Certificate.

A learner who achieves a Certificate could do the additional 4 units required to achieve the Diploma.

Once a learner has achieved a Level 3 Diploma the natural progression is onto one of our CMI Level 5 qualifications.

If your company is looking to fund your training we can raise an invoice if you provide a purchase order with your application.

Meet our tutors


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Project Manager - Management

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Sarah Brown

Associate Tutor

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