Are CIPD Qualifications Worth The Cost?

Wed 03 Jul 2024

Ranging from £1,995 for the entry level course, to £6,495 for the higher-level course, a CIPD qualification can be a big financial investment, but is it worth the price?

For many people, CIPD qualifications are needed  to progress in a Human Resources or Learning & Development career. However, you may be hesitant to invest if you’re unsure exactly what benefits a CIPD qualification can bring you.

With an average salary of £40,000, a CIPD qualification can bring a great return on investment.

We have listed below the cost of each CIPD course with MOL, what this cost covers and whether it's truly worth it for your career in HR.

How much does a CIPD qualification cost?

CIPD caters to professionals at different stages of their HR or L&D careers by offering a diverse range of qualifications.  

Whether you're just embarking on your journey or aspiring to senior leadership roles, CIPD has a qualification designed to meet your specific needs and aspirations. 

With most providers, the cost of a CIPD course willbegin at around £2,000 (depending on the qualification level).  

The good news is that MOL offers these qualifications at a more accessible price point compared to other leading CIPD providers.  

This means you can pursue your professional development goals without breaking the bank!  

Here’s a breakdown of costs for the CIPD courses on offer at MOL:  

I chose MOL for my CIPD courses because they offered better value for money. Their courses are more affordable, allowing me to pursue my professional development without breaking the bank. I'm confident I made the right choice for my future. - MOL learner

How much does CIPD Level 3 cost?

The CIPD Level 3 course is designed for individuals new to Human Resources, who aspire to establish a successful career in their industry.  

It’s targeted at entry-level professionals who are eager to gain foundational knowledge for HR roles.  

A CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice (Level 3) price starts at £1,995 from MOL. 

How much does CIPD Level 5 cost?

The CIPD Level 5 course is ideal for HR professionals with some experience, aiming to advance their careers to mid-level or specialist roles.  

It equips learners with the skills needed for roles such as HR Advisors or Managers, providing expertise in managing employee relations, implementing HR policies, and contributing to strategic HR initiatives. 

The cost of a CIPD Associate Diploma in People Management (Level 5) from MOL begins at £2,995, and a CIPD Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development (Level 5) starts from £2,995. 

How much does CIPD Level 7 cost?

The CIPD Level 7 course targets experienced HR professionals aspiring to reach senior-level positions or excel in specialist HR roles.  

It enhances skills required for roles like HR Business Partners or Directors, focusing on strategic alignment, talent management, and organisational development. 

The CIPD Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management (Level 7) costs from £6,495 with MOL, and our CIPD Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development (Level 7) starts from £6,495. 

What does the cost of a CIPD course include?

When you invest in a CIPD qualification with MOL Learn, you receive more than just course materials.  

Here's what you can expect to get for the price: 

  • Digital course textbook: Gain access to a digital copy of your course textbook, ensuring you have all the essential resources at your fingertips. 
  • MOL Virtual Learning Environment (VLE): Access our VLE, complete with structured weekly modules, engaging peer discussions in forums, and a wealth of additional resources to enhance your learning experience. 
  • 24/7 access to topic essential videos: Benefit from round-the-clock access to short, easy-to-digest 'Topic Essential' videos designed to help you grasp key concepts and progress efficiently. 
  • Guided activities: Engage in guided activities that facilitate the application and reinforcement of your newfound knowledge, ensuring a deeper understanding of course content. 
  • Comprehensive assessment briefing videos: Prepare for success with comprehensive assessment briefing videos, coupled with dedicated tutor support to guide you through every step of the assessment process. 
  • Personalised tutor support: Receive dedicated support from expert tutors who are committed to your success. Whether through phone or video tutorials, our tutors are here to provide guidance and assistance tailored to your individual learning needs. 

In short, the cost of a CIPD qualification with MOL Learn encompasses not only course materials but also invaluable expert support, access to a vibrant learning community, and resources designed to support your ongoing professional development long after completing your course.

I got so much for my money with my CIPD qualification from MOL Learn. Alongside the course materials, I received access to the Virtual Learning Environment, helpful 'Topic Essential' videos and lots of tutor support. It's not just a qualification; it's an investment in my future success. - MOL learner

What are the benefits of a CIPD qualification?

A major benefit of completing a CIPD qualification with MOL is that they can open doors to a huge range of fantastic HR roles and opportunities. 

You might wonder if you need a CIPD qualification, but many employers won’t consider job applicants who don’t have a relevant CIPD qualification! 

Ultimately, CIPD qualifications also tend to have a high return on investment for those seeking employment or career progression.  

For an entry-level role, such as an HR assistant, you’ll be looking at an average salary of £25,000 and will likely require a Level 3 qualification. This means that if you complete the relevant CIPD qualification with MOL, it’ll cost just a fraction of your potential yearly earnings! 

CIPD resources and networking

Upon completion of a CIPD qualification, you gain access to the esteemed CIPD membership, offering a wealth of resources and networking opportunities.  

This membership grants you access to a supportive community of professionals, local branches, and exclusive industry events. 

You’ll also gain access to invaluable resources, including career support and guidance, employment law assistance, access to industry-leading journals and the Knowledge Hub, as well as discounts and rewards on professional development opportunities. 

In essence, investing in a CIPD qualification not only enhances your employability and earning potential, but also grants you access to a prestigious community and a wealth of resources essential for career advancement.  

When weighed against the potential benefits, the cost of obtaining a CIPD qualification is a small fraction of the invaluable opportunities it opens up for your HR or L&D career. 

CIPD encourages continuous professional development, motivating individuals to strive for excellence and stay updated with the latest trends and practices in the HR field. It's not just about getting a qualification; it's about continuously growing and evolving in your career. - MOL tutor

Enrol on a CIPD course with MOL

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Our seasoned tutors are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about imparting practical wisdom gained from years of hands-on experience. 

With our proven track record of success, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in your field. Seize this chance to invest in your future – enrol in a CIPD course today and embark on a transformative learning experience with MOL. 

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