Can a CIPD Qualification Get You a Higher Salary?

Fri 27 Jan 2023

As you progress, from entry-level roles to more senior roles, a CIPD qualification is often a required qualification to ensure you have the skills and knowledge needed to excel at your role.

While there is no legal requirement to pay a candidate more depending on their level of CIPD qualification; with an increase in job responsibilities there is often a correlated increase in pay.

In this blog post, we will cover the average salary for different HR roles* from HR Assistants to HR Directors, and we’ll answer the question - does a CIPD qualification increase your salary?

What are the benefits of a CIPD qualification?

Working in HR, you might’ve heard about CIPD qualifications before.

Here are some of the perks of holding a CIPD qualification:

  • Increased credibility in the field of HR
  • Enhanced knowledge and skills in HR practices
  • Recognition as a qualified HR professional
  • Access to a wider network of HR professionals
  • Improved career progression opportunities
  • Better job prospects and employability
  • Potential for higher salary due to qualification attainment

When you complete a CIPD course, you get a return on your investment by having leverage to ask for a higher salary. If you’ve upskilled and gained new knowledge and expertise, your employer and other employers will see you as a valuable candidate, which means you have an opportunity to increase your salary, whether with your current employer or a different one!

CIPD Level 3 Salary: How much can I earn?

This section will be discussing the roles a CIPD level 3 course can help you get, and what the average salary is.

HR Administrator Salary

A HR Administrator is an entry-level role within the Human Resources department, primarily responsible for providing administrative support in various HR functions such as recruitment, employee onboarding, maintaining personnel records, and assisting with HR-related inquiries.

Average annual salary: £18,000 - £30,000

HR Coordinator Salary

Also an entry level position, a HR Coordinator is tasked with assisting in various HR activities such as recruitment coordination, employee training and development programmes, maintaining HR databases, and supporting HR managers in day-to-day operations.

Average annual salary: £20,000 - £35,000

CIPD Qualifications: CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice (Level 3)

CIPD Level 5 Salary: How much can I earn?

This section will be discussing the roles a CIPD level 5  course can help you get, and what the average salary is.

HR Advisor Salary

A HR Advisor is a mid-level role responsible for providing expert advice and support to employees and management on a wide range of HR matters. They play a key role in managing employee relations, implementing HR policies and procedures, conducting investigations, and contributing to strategic HR initiatives aimed at enhancing organisational performance and employee satisfaction.

Average annual salary: £30,000 - £45,000

HR Manager Salary

A HR Manager is a mid to senior-level position within the Human Resources field, overseeing the strategic planning and implementation of HR policies, practices, and initiatives within an organisation. They are responsible for managing a team of HR professionals, handling employee relations issues, driving recruitment and talent acquisition efforts, facilitating performance management processes, and ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations.

Average annual salary: £40,000 - £80,000

CIPD Qualifications: CIPD Associate Diploma in People Management (Level 5) & CIPD Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development (Level 5)

CIPD Level 7 Salary: How much can I earn?

This section will be discussing the roles a CIPD level 7 course can help you get, and what the average salary is.

HR Business Partner Salary

A HR Business Partner is a senior-level role in HR, working closely with business leaders to align HR strategies with company goals. They oversee talent management, organisational development, and change initiatives, while providing expert guidance on HR matters.

Average annual salary: £35,000 - £100,000

Head of HR Salary

The Head of HR is a top-level position, responsible for overseeing all HR functions and strategies within an organisation. They lead HR teams, develop and implement HR policies, and advise senior management on HR-related matters. The Head of HR plays a critical role in shaping the organisation's culture, managing employee relations, and driving initiatives to support business objectives.

Average Annual Salary: £45,000 - £110,000

HR Director Salary

The HR Director is a high-ranking executive responsible for overseeing the entire Human Resources function within an organisation. They lead HR strategy, policies, and initiatives to support the company's overall goals and objectives. Additionally, they provide guidance to senior leadership on matters related to workforce planning, talent management, and employee engagement.

Average Annual Salary: £60,000 - £150,000

CIPD Qualifications: CIPD Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management (Level 7) & CIPD Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development (Level 7)

Why choose to do a CIPD course?

CIPD qualifications are recognised as the gold standard for Human Resources and Learning and Development professionals, and can significantly improve your career prospects when looking for a promotion or higher salary.

There are also other significant benefits of CIPD membership including career guidance, access to the CIPD community and entrance to exclusive industry events. 

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*Disclaimer: Salaries vary depending where in the UK you’re based, the size of your organisation and public vs private sector. The below salaries are for generalist HR professionals in the commerce & industry sector, with the top range indicating London salaries.

The figures in this blog are based on the Hays UK Salary & Recruiting Trends 2024 report.

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