Conveyancing – An Introduction for Property Professionals

Thu 13 Jan 2022

Michelle Timms

Product Manager / Property Law Tutor

MOL Conveyancing tutor, Michelle Timms, explains how property professionals benefit from our new short conveyancing course.

“As a former Legal Director of a conveyancing firm, I’ve been considering the ways in which our new short course Conveyancing: An Introduction For Property Professionals would be helpful for other conveyancing businesses. 

Before my time with MOL, I was heavily involved in the learning and development of staff, both existing and new, so I understand how important it is to nurture and cultivate good conveyancers. 

A course like Conveyancing: An Introduction for Property Professionals would have been at the forefront of our training both for new staff and for those in support roles. It was essential for us to be able to identify those with the skills and attributes to become the next generation of conveyancers.

There are a number of ways you can use this course:

  • As an introduction for support staff to help familiarise them with the conveyancing process and some of the terminology used (could be new starters or existing staff)
  • To help colleagues in a customer facing role to have more productive conversations with clients and other stakeholders
  • As an assessment tool before an employee is promoted from a support role to a trainee conveyancer position
  • To identify employees with an interest in the conveyancing process and who demonstrate commitment by completing the course 
  • Succession planning, for example, offering successful Level 2 colleagues the opportunity to achieve Level 4 and 6 conveyancing qualifications.

The Introduction for Property Professionals course is a great stepping-stone for anyone who wants a better understanding of conveyancing so they feel confident in their day-to-day role. The course is also ideal for those who want to further their career and take the first step towards becoming a qualified Licensed Conveyancer. With just four modules to complete, you can learn all about the conveyancing process without it being overwhelming.

No property is sold without the conveyancing process, so a course like ours provides a great introduction to the expert knowledge and skills needed by a licensed conveyancer.” 

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