Everything you need to know about conveyancing courses

Wed 13 Apr 2022

Michelle Timms

Product Manager / Property Law Tutor

What are conveyancing courses?

Conveyancing courses help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to work in the conveyancing field and eventually practise as a licensed conveyancer in the UK. 

What do conveyancing courses cover?

Depending on your level of study, you’ll learn how the conveyancing process works, the relevant laws and legal procedures, plus other key skills needed to work in conveyancing such as office skills, communication skills, and relationship management between tenants and landlords.  

What conveyancing courses are available?

We’re proud to be the largest provider of nationally recognised Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) Qualifications. We offer three conveyancing courses:

How much do conveyancing courses cost?

The Introduction for Property Professionals short course costs £119 and includes four basic modules; the Level 4 Diploma costs £2,995 and includes five entry-level modules; the Level 6 Diploma costs £2,495 and includes three advanced modules. 

You can also complete Level 4 and Level 6 modules individually, with prices starting from £549.

Do I need a conveyancing course to get a job?

You can study a CLC qualification yourself or as part of an organisation’s training programme. However, many employers prefer to choose candidates who already have or are working towards their CLC qualification over those who don’t.  

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Who should complete a conveyancing course?

These courses are for you if you’re looking to work in the conveyancing sector. If you have no experience and little knowledge of conveyancing, we recommend enrolling on the introductory short course to build up your knowledge of the conveyancing sector. This will make it easier for you to pursue your Level 4 Diploma. 

If you don’t have a formal conveyancing qualification but are looking for a first role in the sector before progressing to become a licensed conveyancer, then the Level 4 Diploma is for you. You can enrol on the Level 4 course without any prior experience and little knowledge of conveyancing. 

You can only start the Level 6 Diploma if you’ve already achieved your Level 4 conveyancing qualification.  Level 6 covers  more advanced conveyancing topics and is ideal for you if you’re looking to become a licensed conveyancer or manage your own conveyancing practice. 

How long do conveyancing courses take?

This varies depending on the complexity and number of modules included in each course. 
The Introduction for Property Professionals short course takes up to 30 days to complete while you can take up to two years for a full Level 4 or Level 6 Diploma depending on the speed at which you’d like to study. 

Can you do a conveyancing course and work full time?

Yes. Our online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is designed so you can balance your conveyancing studies with a full-time role. You’ll be able to access your course materials at a time and location that suits you.

Our qualifications in Conveyancing Law and Practice are highly regarded in the profession. Taught by conveyancing industry experts and offering a wealth of study materials and tutor support, we’ve helped hundreds of legal professionals qualify in property law. 

Call our Qualifications Advisors today on 03452 032 103 so we can help you decide which of our conveyancing qualifications is right for you. 

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